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New drug from Pfizer coming soon..

Capromorelin is a growth hormone stimulator which causes the body to secrete a human growth hormone in the way seen at puberty and in young adulthood.

Growth hormone is vital in childhood growth, and production of the hormone peaks during puberty but it continues to affect physical function throughout our lives, and it regulates metabolism and body composition.

In young adults, those spurts of the growth hormone are associated with a buildup of lean muscle mass and strength, while elderly people have much lower levels of the hormone and less lean muscle mass.

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It is WELL documented that the growth of the penis during puberty is hormone related. If this drug truly mimics the hormonal levels of puberty then perhaps it would help augment PE?

Originally Posted by Tube
You can try searches like this and what not.
Shiver - Why gains slow!
SS4Jelq - Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes
SS4Jelq - AndroGel for PE /HGH for PE

That second one I put because that thread is uber long and has muy information in it.

Yeah, I understand much of that. But this is different. This is a NEW drug that behaves differently than administering HGH or testosterone. It puts your body in a state that mimics puberty rather than simply dousing it with HGH and test. If this was just another HGH or test thread I could understand. But this is the largest drug maker in the world putting out a new product.

This was the headline story on most news networks. I’m surprised it wasn’t discussed here. You are probably right. But they hit a homerun with Viagra - maybe just maybe.


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