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Can supplements be addicting?

Can supplements be addicting?

This may be a stupid question but if I start taking a sexual supplement “erexium”, which contains a lot of the usuals(saw palmetto, ginko, damiana, cayenne, etc) can it be habit forming like, say sleeping pills. I tried it last year and it seemed to have an effect on my EQ, especially at the beginning but I stopped because I didn’t want to mess with my natural boners. I want to start taking it again as my EQ hasn’t been the best lately and I’m looking to hook up more often. I just don’t want to screw around with my natural system. So if I start do you think I’ll have to continue to maintain boners?

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You can probably talk yourself into believing anything, so psychologically addicting - maybe. Physiologically addicting - no.

Yes but as above it is psychological.

Exactly, for example viagra can make you psychologically dependent, some people claim that easly and fast.I think that few months back I was psychologically dependent on l-arginine(I ingest +15 g a day, and all the time have good explanation before myself and that became toxic quite fast but I still use it.So in my opinion, yes of course supplements can be addictive.

Yes it can but mostly is down to you

Yes I think they can.. I noticed myself feeling like I had to take a few grams of arginine plus other few things everytime before I attempted sex or I wouldn’t feel as confident..

You can take supplements.. But if your dicks not getting hard, that needs to be investigated further .. If your healthy that shouldn’t happen imo,

If you take creatine, after a while your body stops producing it’s own; so you have to continue the exogenous intake. 6 months of stop are needed before your body restart it’s own production. No time to search references right now, but I think it is a common known fact.

Maybe this can be considered a kind of addiction.

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