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Can steriods increase your penis size....

Can steriods increase your penis size....

I’ve read and heard from a few friends that steriods(the ones that athletes use) will increase your penis size but will shrink your sac.

I tried a search for this and did not come up with anything specific address this.

Any input would be appreciated.



Hmm i’ve heard mixed answers, if you tried to ask this question in a bodybuilding/steroids forum you would get laughed off the face of the earth. So amoungst bodybuilders the general consensus is a resounding NO. But from what I’ve heard juicin will give you rock hard erections (depending on the particular steroid) for most of the day. Also as we all know steroids drastically lower the rest time needed between workouts, so it is possible while juicin one could perform very intense workouts maybe even twice a day and need only one rest day per week.

Another thing to keep in mind is most bodybuilders do not PE hence their skepticism. All in all though roids are not worth the trouble especially if they are just for PE. Doing a roids cycle safely takes months/years of research, its not as simple as just shooting up some roids and woohoo yay. Theres also a lot of other variable involved with steroid gains e.g. diet and anti estrogens etc. A 1 inch gain is not worth f**kin up the rest of your body and perhaps life (think about it you might end up gaining some on your dick but then again you might also gain some on your chest in a bad way i.e. tits a common side effect), anyways i’m done preaching. As far as I know steroids may help decrease rest time between workouts but thats about it.



I did a 3 month steroid cycle while in high school (12 years ago). I was a wrestler. I did pills daily, and 3 injections per week. I worked out hard and made significant muscular gains. It is true, they do make your dick hard almost ALL the time. They DO also make your nuts shrink somewhat. Thats why it is recommended to ween yourself up to the max dosage over time, and ween yourself down from peak. That gives your nuts time to know to start making their own testosterone again. I think I noticed a minimal dick size gain. I did not do PE back then, however.

Currently, I do occasionally apply a couple drops of “Sten” to my cock following an intense PE session. I believe it helps the healing process along. Sten is an injectable synthetic testosterone (anabolic steriod). Easily and cheaply obtained over-the-counter in Mexico, and on the internet. Comes in little ampules. Sten is similar to drugs like Deca Durabolin, Methandrostenolone, etc.

I would never recommend doing a steroid cycle (especially if you are over 25 years old). I would never recommend taking pills, or injecting any steroids. It is just way too risky to the liver, kidneys, and other shit. I thank god I never did any permanent damage to my body (except for stretch marks) as a result of my use as a teenager. If you are considering what I do, be very careful. Only use a LITTLE bit. NEVER smoke, drink alcohol, or use any other substance (legal or not) on the day you use the shit.

Any steroid use is very risky. I in no way recommend any illegal steroid use. If you choose to use the shit, get it legally! Some of it is a crime to posess! Well, I guess I will quit rambling. I hope my 2 cents worth can help you make a better educated decision on what you want to do. Take care, and good luck!


Taking steroids is only risky if you wonlt know what you’re doing.


Going on a three month cycle and not taking any clomid.

Generally a cycle should be between 8 and 10 weeks unless you really know your shit or are using GH.


I say shorter cycles. I juice, but in a conservative way.

I think steroids are amazing and interesting drugs, and they can be most beneficial when used safely.

But they will not make your dick bigger unless you are going through puberty, in which case juice will fuck you up big time.


Alow me to answer your question.

First let me start by saying I juiced from the summer of my sophomore year until my senior year, but I did it in cycles.. AND I didn’t take horse steroids (winstrom). I took pure testosterone with breaks in each cycle built in.

(Its pretty funny that on my drivers license it says i’m 130 lbs, but at one point i was 198. - i’m now 190)

I also did PE at the same time i was on roids one year. I noticed that, a) It seemed to help my gains (My first experience with PE i did not use roids). and B) it helped me achieve a somewhat erect cock almost all of the time. As well as leaving some stretch marks, slightly increased acne, and a short fuse.

So to answer your question, I have no doubt extra testosterone does help with PE, As I have first hand evidence it does. However just taking roids and not doing PE you might only become more erect, or have un noticeable gains.

I personally had NO negative side effects from taking roids, other than increased acne. However, I was smart and drank a shitload of water while i was taking them. A good indicator is that my urine was never bright yellow because of the amount I drank. I would not be overestimating to say I drank a gallon of extra water a day. Infact, one of my coaches actually carried a milk carton filled with water and drank it every day.

I’m not suggesting anything- just offering my 1st hand knowledge of this subject.

Going for 9

Also, I also had a stronger immune system. While everyone else was getting sick switching form summer to winter, winter to summer, I was perfectly fine and haven’t even had the slightest cold in many years. This might also be because of all the water i drink too.

Going for 9

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