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Rustyman , that’s very interesting. I’ve always loved tomatoes and eat as much as I can. Do you know what is active in tomatoes that have the increased libido effect?

I have been researching that, but I come up dry.

I would not say it necessarily increases libido, but rather encourages blood flow to the area which in turn could increase libido. I’ve read and your probably already know that lycopene is good for the prostate and is even better if taken in a natural form, (pills vs natural source; tomatoes.) so maybe that has something to do with it. Also a note, when I drink a small amount of a deep read wine, such as cabernet sauvignon, it has a similar effect.

Another variable could be the consistency of consuming such products as well. I only have these a few times a week.

In my own personal opinion though I would have to say all supplements are garbage. (except protein shakes) If you consume a complete healthy diet from day to day you will get all the necessary nutrients you need. That is the biggest problem with many of the nutrient deficiencies people have. Many of our products are processed with vitamins and minerals which lose much of their potency as well as their ability to be utilized in the body.

Well no big, all I know is eating more fresh foods in general has had great effects since my early college years of ramen noddles and pizza.

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