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Can I take AAKG with L-Arginine?


Originally Posted by newnew997
I always took arginine in the mornings, then ate an hour afterwards. I did notice that when I took it, I was more hungry, don’t know if it is just a coincidence or not.

Yes I experienced something very similar even if I took it on a full stomach I would feel like eating again I notie something very similar with piracetam too.

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AAKG has a longer half life, so it provides a pump, and for longer period of time than L-arginine.

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Found my book on it, yeah it does say something about becoming more hungry and not eating more than normal, also to cycle on and off of it.

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Originally Posted by Obafemi

I found this link and one of the things it says if I take any other protein or amino acid with Arginine, it will not work.

Assuming this is true, how long do I wait to take the next amino acid. I have AAKG, Arginine, Phenylalanine, and Tyrosine. Do I have to take all 4 separately?

Also, my Ginkgo Bilboa extract recommends I take 1 pill (120 mg) once or twice daily. I have been taking two in the morning, and two at night. Would it be ok to take 4 at once?

I haven’t found any good information regarding taking more than you should of Ginkgo, much like you see with Arginine. Any assistance with that would be amazing.

Late but Larginine and AAKG are the same. I have gotten amazing results just walking around with a fatty taking on a empty stomach. Take with any other aminos and they will comepete and lose

AAKG is very nasty but waaaay more effective then l argine but it’s the same so fine to take together

You can take them together because they are essentially the same thing.

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