Call me stupid, but I've just phoned the prosolution company.


Well, first of all, I am not interested in buying those pills nor am I interested in ordering any other pills like those. I believe supplements like that can have a good effect in what concerns erection strength and increase of libido. Furthermore, I truly believe a constant increase in bloodflow to the penis will certainly add our PE exercise program. However…

The ammount they charge for their product is stupidly high, considering we can get similar products/substances for much less.

Anyway, I wanted to see if their phone number was a real one or not. So, I called them and a guy answered, in a polite and professional way. From what I could hear, it seemed like he was in some kind of office. My phone call was answered quickly, that is, I waited no more than 3 or 4 seconds.

I asked him about his extras, about the refund and about their prices.

He told me they could not exchange his extras for an extra bottle of PS pills. He explained what we had to do in order to get a refund. He explained it quite well, actually, with details. I asked him about their price for 4 bottles and he instantly told me their price (in US dollars).

Honestly, the conversation looked rather professional. I must say I was a bit surprised. I was expecting noone to answer the call.

Anyway, this was just as a curiosity.

PS: I’m much curious about these kinds of supplements since I read that last survey about PE results. It showed that forum members who used PE pills achieved higher sucess than those who hadn’t used them.