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Caffeine a PE killer?


Caffeine a PE killer?

I noticed my girth just shrinks after some caffeine consumption in the morning. Is it the worst PE killer? Too bad I can’t live without this stuff to stay fully awake.

Yeah if I drink a monster or NOS energy drink I get a bit of a smaller flaccid.

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Yeah, it does that. My homemade pre-workout stack makes my flaccid shrink literally in half :(

If you’re depending on caffeine to wake you up and get you going, you probably need to get more/better quality sleep.

I don’t drink coffee because I hate the taste of it, but I sometimes take 50-100mgs prior to my morning workouts, especially on leg day. I’ve noticed when I take caffeine my flaccid shrinks initially, but about 3-4 hours afterward, I actually have a better flaccid hang. My balls hang lower too… strange.


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Caffeine is a diuretic, shrinking blood vessels and reducing blood flow. It also dehydrates you. Both of these contribute to a shrunken flaccid.


Have you tried to gradually reduce your caffeine intake? I used to be addicted to coffee, and gradually restricted my consumption to where I finally didn’t need it at all (now I mainly drink water, which increases flaccid size considerably with large consumption). Start by reducing the ammount of coffee grounds you use to reduce the ‘blackness’, then start reducing the cup size and finally reduce how many cups you have a day.

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Caffine definetly have some negative effects, mostly when concerned to sleep disorders and thereby normal life.

If you drink Coffee to keep you awake, Take an APPLE instead, I read in magazine that an apple will have a similar effects (without the side-effects) like a cup of Coffee.

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I use to drink lots of coffee and sodas that contained caffeine, but I have literally went cold turkey I am getting rid of all the negative PEs

If you drink coffee just to get an energy boost throughout the day, you should try and ween off of it, try working out or jogging in the morning and getting better sleep Theres plenty of things you can do to increase energy throughout the day other than caffeine. There’s lots of natural herbs and minerals that will aid in sleep quality if you suffer from insomnia or anxiety. I do get caffine in my diet because i take superpump 250 before I workout which gives me awesome energy and great pumps in the gym. I still get awesome PE workouts I just try and avoid a PE workout 5 or 6 hours after my gym workout just in case the caffeine might be in my system and holding back my girth routine effectiveness….

I have had some caffeine related erection problems, usually 3-4 hours after drinking coffee I find it difficult to get completely hard. All I get is a semi that seems to quickly drain of blood.

Has anyone else had such problems?

You coffee actually has benefits if used in moderation. Research has shown that it can boost concentration and memory as long as its not abused. I think all too often people abuse it as with anything and it becomes a negative. I personally love a single cup of coffee in the morning. Yes it wakes me up. I have a problem whereby even if I get 8-10 hours sleep I still feel groggy and stupid in the morning and the caffeine helps to boost my alertness. Its funny I even sleep in one of those fancy pants sweedish memory foam beds and I still wake up unrefreshed. Maybe I should try excersizing in the morning, but there is so little time for this.

Guess our brain chemistry is different. I got no problems getting out of bed or getting to work, but I’m the dude that always walks around groggy in the morning. Doesn’t matter how much sleep i get, my brain doesn’t like the morning so i need coffee, to bad it makes my flaccid girth like 1 inch less. Guess i have to quit cigarettes, coffee, alcohol and drugs. Goddammit

I think it’s due to caffeine’s vasoconstrictive capacity, and when I take l-arginine (a vasodilator) it seems to balance out the effect.

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It makes some guys’ flaccid hang smaller temporarily, but I seriously doubt it has any effect on long-term PE results.

For me caffeine doesn’t have a huge effect, a slight decrease in flaccid hang and length.

For me, alcohol is the erection killer!

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Definitely have a decreased flaccid with caffiene. Arginine and other vasodialators will

Counteract the effects.

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