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Caffeine a PE killer?


I don’t think it’s neccessarily (sp? sorry, that is one word I always screw up) the caffeine, as it is the coffee. I took Guarana and Green Tea (probably caffeine equal to a couple of cups of coffee) and actually had a nicer flaccid hang.

My dick shrank the other day and I could not understand why. Then I remembered that I had a can of PEPSI the day it started shrinking up.

When I was 18, I had an outside job, and I was drinking allot of soda to quench my thirst. I developed a serious pain in my nuts, and they were drawn up tight. I went to a Urologist, ( Dr. Longfinger) and he said it was from excessive caffeine intake. It was along time ago, and I don’t remember the technical term, But ” Creammaster’s spasms” comes to mind. Anyway, I ditched the soft drinks and coffee, and My pains went away. My balls returned to their normal, High hanging state.

Mhm. A lot of threads on the negative impact of coffee recently. Makes me wonder if my coffee habit (roughly a liter per day) hinders my gains. Or is it just the temporary shrunk flaccid? (i could live with that :P)

I hate seeing school kids walking about with about 30 cans of red bull. I think red bull should be completely age restricted. Most kids drink it for the taste of it.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

I drink tea in the morning which doesn’t affect my flaccid size and drink rum and coke in the evening ,which increases my flaccid size.but cold weather is an absolute killer on my flaccid size

Originally Posted by Barclecard
but cold weather is an absolute killer on my flaccid size

Simple solution…move to Bora Bora!

Originally Posted by dongalong

I have had some caffeine related erection problems, usually 3-4 hours after drinking coffee I find it difficult to get completely hard. All I get is a semi that seems to quickly drain of blood.

Has anyone else had such problems?

So I found out why drinking lots of coffee can have a negative effect on your size, libido and therefore PE. It causes andrenal exhaustion, click the link to learn more.

The same thing happened to me today, I had 2 large coffees in the morning (which actually made me feel nauseous) and at the end of the afternoon I could barely get a boner.

Yes and no really,

A small dose let’s say >100mg will trigger the parasympathetic nervous system releasing dopamine in the brain and providing a small amour of energy needed for sexual activity. On the other hand, a higher dose as let’s say 200+ mg will trigger the sympathetic nervous system releasing norepinephrine and raising cortisol levels throughout the body causing rapid heart rate, constriction of blood vessels, and racing thoughts. Remember the half life of coffee is about 5.5hrs so that 2 cups of coffee you consumed at eight AM (200mg) would be 100mg before 2 PM and 50mg before 7pm. You shouldn’t have a problem so long as you consume your daily before noon and stick with other alternative means of energy later on in the day, things like b12, royal jelly, protein, etc.


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