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Bug Juice

Bug Juice

I was just reading on a new supplement today, which claims:
“synergistic nutritional supplement compound that has been designed to improve nitrogen retention at the cellular level and to stimulate general lean muscle growth while inhibiting fat storage. It is a combination of 125 mg. pure Ecdysterone (a-se-dis-star-on) alkaloids, 200 mg. Agave extract and 100 mg. Vitamin T.”…0002&type=store

As many of us take NOX2 or some form of arginine to increase our NO levels, does this look like something that could be of use to us as well? Or are they talking straight nitrogen, for which I don’t know if that’s actually good to have high levels of.

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High nitrogen levels are beneficial to those that consume high amounts of protein. :) Ecdy is junk. Do a search for it on pubmed.

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