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Brain supplements


I have provigil and at half of 100mg, it didn’t do much. I had one 100mg tablet split up. Seemed to work the first time, much less the second. I stopped taking it until I get this oversleeping problem worked out by an endo specialist first. I don’t want to mask the symptoms, until it is figured out first. Of course, it was a bitch to get, MOTHERFUCKING HMOs, but I got it for 25% of the American price as legit real Premium not generic.

Provigil (Brand)/Modafinil (generic name)/ Alertec (Canadian Label Brand) is known to work synergistically with just one drug, or so they claim.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I messed around with ginko briefly years ago but noticed nothing. Perhaps my dose wasn’t right. Do you all really notice a difference with it, and how long does it need to build up in your system?

After extensively researching for brain supplements online I came to this conclusion. Vinpocetine + Physi.(Sorry Can’t spell it right now) Choline, Ginkgo Biloba, and Vitamin B-5. This seems to be a good combination. I want to try piracetam due to it’s history of effectivness, but I hear there are many negative side effects. Vinpocetine seems little unpromising. However, you have to consider the fact that it’s new supplements in town compared to Piracetam. Although not enough scientific exams have been done on Vinpocetine, it seems like it’s safer than any other drugs out there. Does anyone have any comment on my combination? I decided to drop Fish Oil for a while. I ‘ve been taking fish oil about 1 year and haven’t noticed any significant change. I’ve been taking Nordic Natural liquid form of Omega - 3 which costs 45 bux for 16oz. It’s expensive. Fish oil is one of the supplements that is being studied actively today. Many results have proved that fish oil alleviate memory loss, ADHD, ADD, and other psychological problems. However, I haven’t noticed any memory improvement and better concentration like it promises. What is your opinion on FIsh oil?

When you start talking so many supplements including overseas script for stuff, it starts to get complicated. Plus the costs start to skyrocket, which is a large factor in all of this. You don’t want to chase being focused so much, that you are dead broke.

Remember a very respectable diet combined with exercise will do a lot by itself. Factor in the easy to obtain OTC products that are utterly legal as well as simple supplementation via orthomolecular routes should lead to some improvement too. Factor in the real exotic stuff last. The hardest part is trying to figure what is doing what when you are taking so much. Of course people always talk about stacking this with that and so forth.

Of course, there is a possibility of other medical issues causing some of your problems as well. My best estimate is get a nutrition book and maybe an orthomolecular based book off Amazon and plot from there. If you have a firm understanding in both, it will be way easier to add or subtract any other products you want with your growing knowledge base.

Fish oil is a decent product by itself, perhaps just get a good grade of it. You might not do the cloned from the best fish who ever lived tablets. Kind of like on the truck forums where people go insane over what oil to put in a truck and with what additive package as well. Semi-synthetic does most of the work of full synthetic for about half the price they claim.

PS: never buy dollar store scrapple either, unless you are having a food fight.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

AIite you know I tried Vinpocetine and I got the worst feeling ever. It gave me extreme dry mouth. Damn! I still have that dry mouth! Yesterday right after my morning dosage, my body started feeling VERY LIGHT. MY figners were so light as if I dropped Extasy except for the fact that you don’t feel that good feeling of E. My hands and feet were ice cold because vinpocetine constricted blood flow there. I don’t know aboutyou people but I don’t think I’m gonna take vinpocetine again.

start small with the easy everyday stuff, keep a journal too of how it affects you as well. SLOWLY introduce new things, but always do your best to look for any side-effects and research them online, especially when taking multiple of things.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Yea Twatteaser I found out what my problem is. I’ll give you an example. TOday, I asked my T.A. About the difference between two terms. Now my T.A. Started explaining Term A first and while she was explaining the term A my mind just wonders on nothing. I mean it was just staring at something else and thinking about nothing. So when I came back after 5 seconds she finished explaining things. Now what I said was hilarious. I asked her,” Oh so that is Term A huh?” And she gave me WTF look. She explained to me both the term A and term B but I asked her as if she only explained term A because my mind was not there when she was explaining term B. Is this brain fog? Shit I feel stupid these days.

Piracetam + choline as the primary supplement. I add DMAE when I need particular focusing ability, but Piracetam seems to clear the mind in a way. It’s as if it removes constraints from expanding the sphere of immediately available brain capacity. You remember things more quickly, words come more quickly, you feel sharper.

I am pretty big on this as a basis for a nootropic program.


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Have you tried running? Do a google search on the effects of aerobic exercise on cognitive function. Not saying you should not try the supplements, but it can’t hurt to exercise as well.

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Here is an article of how Creatine boots brain power

It is used for bodybuilding and therefore is helps for PE.

Also, ginko biloba has been used since long time ago for improving the memory.


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