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Boston Medical Group

Boston Medical Group

My last question had some typo’s and it did not have a link for the group. My question is “has nayone heard of Boston Medical group and what they are doing. Apprently they have a pill that is better than Viagra and has no side effects and approved by the FDA.

Their address is

Thanks for any info


Boston Medical Group

i suffer from PE, and their ad caught my eye, so i went in and had thier “consultation”.

So heres the scoop.
ultimately, they try to push to sell you their magical “cure-all” which is supposed to aid premature ejaculation, as well as impotency, etc.

What it is, is a shot applied to the base of your penis, which was very painless, and it opens up the veins. Thus allowing more blood flow and forces the blood to stay in the penis.

what this means, is that you keep your erection no matter what, and they will test you to see what your dosage should be, to hold up for 30+ minutes.

The draw back is that they charge you quite a bit, and on top of that, “recommend” that you get a 3+ month supply at a cheaper rate… which is still a bit pricey IMHO.

The outcome:
I decided to think about it before i gave myself shots everytime i have sex. and on top of that, im pretty broke.

Additionally, I started looking into other alternatives and found out that “trimix”, which can be prescribed by a doctor, has similar characteristcs.

I doubt its the same thing, but seems close enough

hope that helps!

Get your self some generic viagra. The stuff works great and you can get it for like 1.50 a pill and you can cut the pill into halves or quarters and they are still very effective.

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