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Booster that work

Booster that work

Hey guys: I’m 62 and looking for a good Testosterone booster that will work. I’ve tried several of the over-the-counter like horny goat weed, tribulus, NO2, and the like—Nothing is really working. Doctor say level are good but I know that it is not as I’m tired most of the time even though I get to the gym three (3) times a week and stay active. Along with ED all of the time and libido is almost gone also. So……have you found anything that will boost T level and help me. 62 is not young but not dead either. Any help or recommendations would be great. And of course, Thanks beforehand.

You hit the gym three times a week (How long sessions last and what do you do?) and you get tired often I wonder if you’re not overexceeding yourself? Perhaps twice a week would be ideal. Are you married is she young?

Anyway test levels are measured and compared with age so your doctor is not giving you any expectations of high test levels. Good nutrition, diet and excercise are the key.

I am in your age bracket and I service 25 to 30 y/o here and there so I know what you mean.

Disregard what saying in the packet and take 4 horny goat weed daily, Muira Puama(teaspoon) is good herb too alogside Maca and Mucuna (same quantities) however bear in mind that they should be regarded as mutually exclusive and not to be mixed that much otherwise it may overload your heart.

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Forget supplements, those aren’t going to work. Either you get testosterone (or clomid, which can be effective too) prescribed by your doc, or you change something in your life style. Probably you should cut down volume (total reps) at your gym and intensity too, to see if that can help. Start taking one week off, than when you go back to the gym do about 2/3 of the total work you were doing - and remember, never work to failure, it does no good at any age.

If your doctor says that your testosteron levels are good, they probably are. So there’s probably something else wrong.
Have you taken other tests at the doctor, blood levels, iron, diabetes and so on?
It might be because of your diet, changing that might help but if I were you I’d go to the doctor and take all tests necessary.
Libido can depend on many things, stress, depression, thinking about your ED to much, etc etc.

I’m 32 and have had trouble with ED, I’ve also almost always been tired. Jelqing, stretching, eating better, training and L-Arginine helped me with my ED and my tiredness.

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Thanks for the replys. I do have a little sugar problem (AIC-6.8) and have to take pills for that along with a little high cholesterol and take a pill for that and also a little high blood pressure and take a pill for that. All of these are not through the roof and are easily controlled. My wife is my age and we hardly go at it anymore. I guess I trying to just stay active and energetic to do all I have to do as there is not any help any more. Can’t even hire a good yard help guy which leaves me with a lot to do.

Any other help is always appreciated. Thanks again

I will just add that sleep, and what they call “circadian sleep cycles” have a big impact on test levels. Do you get to bed by ten p.m. regularly? Try that. I’ve heard more than once that each hour of sleep you get before midnight is worth two hours of the sleep you get after it. Not sure of why that is, but I say sleep is a really important factor.

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