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Does anybody here have a past of eating blueberries consistently for an extended period of time?

In the past I read that they are very good for improving erections. From what I remember, they help your body by first of all having tons of nutrients to begin. Secondly I forgot what exactly it is but it helps oxygen get through your body and brain cells or something like that.

Third of all they are supposed to be good for your brain, helping neurons “talk to each other” more effectively. Plus supposedly they are good for your eyes and hair and add helpful nutrients to your skin.

Anybody have the experience?

No, I don’t personally know of any specific benefits from blueberries. But I have heard that they are loaded with antioxidants. That can’t hurt.

Oh, and they are freaking delicious.

Yes, and that makes it easier to experiment with.

Blueberries help with getting wood, but have been know to cause an unpleasant BLUE discoloration to the penis.

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No Nukes

Wow, I never experienced that. That sounds kind of funny though.

They are really good for preventing and correcting flare ups of gout.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

As far as getting erections, watermelon is king.


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