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Black coffee (caffeine) alone effective as fat burner?

Black coffee (caffeine) alone effective as fat burner?

I can feel a rise in body temperature and heart rate after drinking 2 teaspoonful of Nescafe in half a cup of cold water at work. Is a low dose of caffeine like this (~100mg) alone effective as fat burner by revving up your metabolism?

I have read a lot of recommendations to drink a cup of coffee before a workout, but I have never heard of it being used as a fat burner before. If so, coffee diets would abound with the number of coffee drinkers in the world.

If not, why would they put caffeine in the ECA stack for fat burning?

“They” put caffeine in just about everything. Orange soda anyone?

Hey gprent, yea there are alot of coffee diets, I just did a search I was supprised by that. Even Atkins has a coffee diet.

Coffee prior to workout, too long to post.…ne-Fitness.html

With what I read, using coffee as a fat burner does work, but for short term use, if used longer than that, you can run into health issues.

Actually, I think I have read that “black coffee” has less caffeine than “light coffee” in general. Same goes for beers where darker beers often have less alcohol even though many assume they have more (think guiness).

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