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Biosil - advanced collagen generator

Biosil - advanced collagen generator

I was looking for the best way to eliminate my silicon deficiency and came across this:

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It is targeted at women because it can grow thicker hair and nails, remove small wrinkles and increase skin elasticity and moisture:

It got me thinking that this might help penis growth from PE since the penis is made largely of collagen
Unfortunately it’s quite expensive but I started taking it today and will continue for at least 4 months to see what happens, I’ll keep you posted if I notice any growth spurts.

Good luck with that. A thicker tunica would be stronger tunica though?

It says that elasticity will be increased and the skin will hold more moisture, sounds promising for overall size gains!

I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion from that link you shared, it seems that only crystalline forms of silica pose any danger if consumed.

I’m supplementing with Biosil because my silicon levels seem to be lower than they should be and don’t seem to be improving (after 6 months of dietry changes and 3 tests).
My iodine levels have improved and I’m feeling much better but iodine can be judged as toxic. I take Lugol’s solution which is a diluted and safe way of taking it.

I also have high levels of aluminium in my body, silica has been found to remove it:…nium-from-body/

There doesn’t seem to be any danger in taking Biosil but I’ll stop if I notice any side effects.

Originally Posted by dongalong

I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion from that link you shared, it seems that only crystalline forms of silica pose any danger if consumed.

Silicon and silicone are the same word in Italian. We use ‘silicio’ for silicon. Anyway the ratio is not completely changed, I mean, taking too high amounts of any minerals is not good for health, until proven the adverse.

I’ve already started taking Biosil in liquid form, I take 5 small drops twice a day (10mg of silicon dioxide) in a large glass of water. They advise against taking any more.

I thought that I should share this information before you think of spending so much money on Biosil.

“Food sources
Dietary sources of bioavailable silicon include whole grains, cereals, beer, and some vegetables such as green beans. Silicon in the form of silica, or silicon dioxide (SiO2), is a common food additive but has limited intestinal absorption.

Absorption from food and supplements
The comparative absorption of silicon from different foods and food supplements.
Br J Nutr. 2009. Gastrointestinal Laboratory, The Rayne Institute (King’s College London), St Thomas’ Hospital, London SE1 7EH, UK.
Dietary Silicon (orthosilicic acid) appears important in connective tissue health, and although the sources and intakes of Si are well established, its absorption is not. Silicon absorption was measured from eight high-Si-containing sources: alcohol-free beer; OSA solution (positive control); bananas; green beans; supplemental choline-stabilised OSA (ChOSA); supplemental colloidal silica (CS); magnesium trisilicate British Pharmacopoeia antacid (MTBP). Absorption, based on urinary Silicon excretion, was highest for MMST (the first French patent for the use of organic silicon) and alcohol-free beer (64% of dose), followed by green beans (44%), OSA (43%), ChOSA (17%), bananas and CS (1%). Peak serum concentrations occurred by 0.5 h for MMST and green beans, 1.5 h for OSA and alcohol-free beer, 2 h for ChOSA and CS. Absorption of Si from supplements and antacids was consistent with their known chemical speciation and kinetics of dissolution under simulated gastrointestinal conditions. Monomeric silicates were readily absorbed, while particulate silicates were decreasingly well absorbed with increasing polymerisation. The present results highlight the need to allow for relative absorption of Si from different foods or supplements in subsequent epidemiological and intervention studies.”

Non alcoholic beer = 64% of dose absorption
Green beans = 44% absorption
Biosil (ChOSA) = 17% absorption

So alcohol free beer and green beans will get far more silicon into your body!!!

I started taking Biosil before a 2 week summer holiday break so I haven’t noticed any miraculous PE results yet but the skin on my face has before really smooth already!

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