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Bigger Load + Harder Erections

Bigger Load + Harder Erections

As above, tried and tested by yourself, what have you found most effective taken on a daily basis?

Natural foods makes my amounts quite insane broccoli, eggs and healthy fats from avocados and nuts seems to do the trick as they are all aiding in testosterone and sperm production. Eggs make me horny as a mofo. I do also take Damiana twice a day in capsules and ZMA before bed time, I’m not completely sure which one of these natural remedies food or in pill form that does the actual trick but I’m ready to go at any time and as mentioned the amounts are abundant.

EDIT: I have been eating and taking these supplements for at least 4- 5 weeks straight now if my memory serves me correct and, yeah, I am more potent than in my teens getting nightly erections that have gone all the way due to vivid dreams. This never happened to me in my teens so it’s quite intense to say the least. Rarely jerk off to aid in maximum PE gains so I think my body just ends up needing to empty itself and it chooses to do so in my sleep.

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I’m training hard at the moment, though cutting as I’m still fat (took about 6 years to gain it all so it’s coming off slowly), so I’m eating a fair amount of eggs already (3+ large a day). Can’t really fit nuts in at the moment, and I have broccoli ocassionally. Will look into Damiana and ZMA. Thanks Viking.

Originally Posted by veezee
I’m training hard at the moment, though cutting as I’m still fat (took about 6 years to gain it all so it’s coming off slowly), so I’m eating a fair amount of eggs already (3+ large a day). Can’t really fit nuts in at the moment, and I have broccoli ocassionally. Will look into Damiana and ZMA. Thanks Viking.

Up the Broccoli please, will copy a response I gave on a PM regarding some of the supplements and foods I get in my system on a daily basis. Cutting can be hard I know, wasn’t exactly qualifying as fat 5- 6 weeks ago but( maybe in the BB’ing world, you know how it is, haha)after starting the Intermittent Fasting protocol I am shredded, veins popping on my abdomen, veins never seen before and have never felt better eating only 3 big meals a day, fasting circa 16 hours on a daily basis.

To sum up it’s a beyond great way to shed fat, looking and feeling good daily and my libido has never been better. Strength wise I haven’t lost a single thing and keep gaining slowly but steadily on every damn exercise, no joke. :) IF may not be for everyone, but will recommend anyone to at least give it a try.

‘Happy’ cutting. :)

Copy of the response I gave to another member here on ZMA dosage and how many eggs I eat a day, and in which form I consume them. Maybe someone else will find something useful in it as well was my thinking:

The amino acids in eggs gets richer and more usable for the body when boiled or fried, as opposed to the ‘Rocky’ method of swallowing them raw so either way of prepping them is good. Hard boiled is my personal preference and fried on one side leaving the plum intact on top. Again it’s a personal choice, don’t think it will be any problem frying it on both sides. 1- 2 eggs a day. 2 a day can actually become a bit much in the long run due to the cholesterol from the plum, but always eat the plum as well as it aids the egg-white proteins being taken up in the body.

I take 2 ZMA capsules on an empty stomach approx 30- 45 mins before bed time, but I’m not nazi on that schedule. Reading the canister now it contains 24mg Zinc, 360mg Magnesium and 4,2mg Vit B6 per dose.

On another note I always recommend Broccoli as it’s packed full of micro nutrients, vit C, dietary fibers and high in proteins. It’s a wonder cabbage so to speak. And it hinders convertion of testosterone into estrogen. All good stuff.

Broccoli is also about as interesting as licking a window, heh. I fast from 00:00 through to about 14:00 - 15:00 most days already. I don’t like training when I’ve eaten, or eating in the morning generally so it’s not a problem for me. Eggs are always fried in EVOO. Looking at my micronutrient breakdown yesterday I realised Magnesium was low in my diet so I started taking the supplement I had laying around last evening; I have to dump water weight periodically to see my weightloss, because I retain like a bitch. Maybe more mag will help that to be less of an issue.

Originally Posted by veezee

Broccoli is also about as interesting as licking a window, heh.

I like broccoli. It’s especially good stir-fried with ginger!

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Yeah, water retention can be really tricky but the less fat% you get the less of a problem it will get, fat= more estrogen= more water retention. If you don’t mind drinking 2- 4 cups of coffee a day it really helps as well, also aids in the fat burning process. Regarding the Broccoli it’s a taste you get used to and the health benefits reaped from eating it really outweighs the ‘interesting as licking a window’ part for me.

Saturated fat and cholesterol are good for you and people who eat eggs for breakfast tend to be healthier than those who don’t.

Remember, hormones are made out of saturated fat. Your body stores fat as saturated fat. Why would your body store fat in a form that is harmful???

Science is proving what anyone with a little common sense and half a brain knows, saturated fats are good for you. Check out the latest research in this topic. Look up Chris Masterjohn, Ray Peat, etc.

Avoid ALL vegetable oils other than Olive Oil and Coconut oil. That shit causes cancer, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and all kinds of other nasty stuff.

Eat a lot of celery. It’s a proven. Helps quality of wood as well. L arginine and L citruline.

I’ve had the best luck with a combo of celery and L Arginine. It was a special formulation from GNC, one of their “pump” enhancers. I took 6 grams per day. It also had a little niacin and yohimbe in it.

Zinc, lots of water, citrulline malate along with fruits and vegetables.

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Wegmans Non-GMO Soy Protein Powder mixed with 8oz milk. Though I am sure that any good Non-GMO soy will be fine. It has all the amino acids required. When I do and do not take it I can see a big difference.

We shouldn’t be concerned about egg-cholesterol.

It’s well recognised now, to not be the same type of cholesterol as that in animal fats.

So, at least here in the UK, we are being encouraged to eat more than the previously recommended maximum of 2 eggs per week.

I’d eat 2 a day, if it wasn’t for their constipating effect and for my preference for a wider range of protein source.

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