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Bigger balls and damiana - works for me!

Apart from Holland & Barrett, are there any other decent UK sources for cheap/bulk damiana?

Originally Posted by snuffed

Apart from Holland & Barrett, are there any other decent UK sources for cheap/bulk damiana?

Check Amazon.

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What is damiana? It’s a natural vitamin? Is it avaible anywhere?

Are there cons to that substance?

Daminia is a herb. I don’t know if it’s available in Italy. The drawbacks seem to be faily minor. Some users report a mild laxative effect, some in this thread have found it to interfere with their sleep, and if it does increase the size of your testes, they do not stay larger if you stop taking it.

There are some good posts in this thread to learn more.

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In many herbalist shop (erboristeria) in Italy you can find damiana. About side effects, I know smoking for long time makes your eyes yellows.

Interesting to read the initial report about the larger balls. I never heard of damiana before and interested to read of it’s effect.

But personally I’d be wary of messing with most of the ‘treatments’ in this thread, especially hormonal ones (who wants to develop boobs?) and stick with natural enlargement methods.

And if you’ve still not yet had kids, I would if I were you, be very wary about damaging your crown jewels - it seems to me that the temporary testicular enlargement attributed to damiana is most likely to be due to targeted testicular tissue oedema, and long-term, there’s no real way of knowing how that might subsequently affect fertility. Similarly, chemicals such as clomid, arimidex and HCG all have the potential for harmful side-effects.

Likewise, I can’t imagine attempting to ball-pump. That surely can only produce tissue oedema and must hurt like hell?

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I ballpump on occasion and it is pleasureable actually doesn,t hurt at all. If I had more privacy I,d do it a lot more.

Been taking damiana for two weeks now and my balls are definitely bigger fuller than I’ve ever seen them. Didn’t take an initial measurement though. My question is how long did it take you guys to stop growing? 2 weeks? A month? Just curious when to expect the peak. Thanks

I’m thinking about taking Damiana again. I loved it when I took it years ago. The thing is that I took a different brand a few years back and it didn’t do anything for me. I was wondering if buying it in liquid or powder form would be a better option and have an affect on my ball size?

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Balls size respond to test levels rather than one herbal product so guy if you want bigger balls you need testosterone not damiana

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Damiana has worked really well for me in the past. To the point where my girlfriend noticed the difference within days. But they stopped selling the brand that I used to take and I had to try a different brand that didn’t work on me.

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Final goal: BPEL 7.5" NBPEL 7" EG 6"

Damiana for bigger balls

Hey guys,

I read the threads about damiana, tried the damiana nature’s way 400 mg for one month. I have not seen any results.

Any ideas why? Should I go for clomid?

With regards to clomid, does it increase the testis if it is small ( I.e for those who take steroids)? Or does it increase it even if it is average size (normal guy) ?


I did damiana for a while and they increased my ball size by almost 1 cm, they felt pretty good. Took about 2-3 weeks to see the results. When I stopped they went back to normal size.

What was your brand and dose?

Thanks bro.

I know that this is a old post. You guys that took Damiana and your balls increased in size, is there a brand that you can recommend


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