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Bigger balls and damiana - works for me!

I am trying Damiana, too. Did some measurements beforehand, so I can compare.
When I am done testing, I will report back.

Meanwhile: the powder should be boiled (!) and then drunk (after cooling off).
But this stuff is so bitter, it almost makes me throw up.

I tried to mix it with yogurt, it tastes less evil, but still awful.

So now I will make pills of them, hoping it will easier on my taste buds and stomach.
It does not make me hornier so far. Which either says something about me or about the damiana.

OK, bigger balls, but does it increase your semen output? Bigger balls SHOULD equate to bigger loads.

Bigger balls will not necessarily give you bigger loads. That’s mainly the job of your prostate. They might, however, be able to house more sperm.

Interesting. Thanks for the info.

Does anyone have any updates on this?? How long until one would begin to see the effects of this?? Recommend pills over liquid??

Thanks to all for all of the information on this site!

I would like to know too.

I actually just got my supplements, as suggested in this post, in the mail today! Just took 2 of them and am hoping to give updates soon.

Always open to hearing from anyone else who is/are trying this!

Crap, you guys want us old timers to use the way back machines in out brains?

I believe that it took 2 weeks before the fast responders saw any results. A bottle should last you a few months, plenty of time to see if it works for you.

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Your balls will only increase to their maximum size, I have try damiana, it is temp. I have tried clomid and hcg good for keeping your testosterone levels at their maximum and keeping your balls at their optimum size. You should try ball pumping I hear after a long time it can increase them in size by a cm or two

I would settle for normal size. I currently am on full TRT with the addition of HCG and armidex. However, I still feel that my balls are not where they were before starting treatment. I can tolerate that smaller balls are part of the therapy and have never thought of stopping the treatment, but if I can do something about it than I will.

I appreciate everyone’s info!

Originally Posted by jimbeaux
Here is a link to the damiana I’m using. Http://…4165473&sr=1-14

You can order it directly from site as well, but the shipping is four dollars more:….jsp?id=VS-2016

If anyone’s interested in the clone-a-willy, just do an amazon search. I personally bought the glow in the dark version.



Wow it’s pretty cheap at almost 6 dollars.. Wonder if you ship to the Philippines.

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I would never do TRT because it good as stops your balls working, I think it’s be to be on a low clomid dosage with increase your testosterone levels and once in awhile do HCG.

I’ve been taking Damiana for 3 weeks now - and my balls now look huge to me. They’ve gone from being a small sized egg that you’d buy at the grocery store to the XL ones. It is super great to look at and feel - and my bulges are much more pronounced!

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I smoke damiana herb but I have never tried the powder.

Ganesh, lol, the problem is once you stop they will deflate like balloons


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