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Big Cum!

Big Cum!

This is a follow up to my L-Arginine thread here: L-Arginine is working

Okay, all I can say is WOW!!!!!

Yesterday I doubled up on my luchtime does of L-Arginine (2000MG) and just before sex I took another 1000 (my evening dose). Mrs. Rambone gave me a bj and brought me to climax and then SPLOOOGE! It was the hugest load I’ve had in years. She caught it in her hand with a Kleenex but it kept cumming out. The consistency was perfect, not too thick not too watery, very creamy white and it was literally a handful I soaked the Kleenexes in her hand and it was heavy, dripping.

She was like “whoaaa!”

Now, the volume was truly remarkable. But the delivery was not the best. It kind of poured out of me, it didn’t shoot. That’s convenient in that it doesn’t make a huge mess everywhere .

NOw I had ejaculated on late Sunday night, so the maximum buildup was about 48 hours. I’ve been trying to ejaculate at least every 48-72 hours. But last night was a HUGE difference. I’m not sure if it was upping my total dose to 4000MG (from 3000mg) or because I took 1000MG right before the bj, or both. But I can surely say now that L-ARginine WORKS!


Now, I’ve been kegeling every day, I need to be able to shoot with more force!

My wife bought me pineapples to eat, she said my precum was salty. She knows that I want to make my cum taste better so in case one day she will let me finish in her mouth, I’ll taste better. But she still not willing to let me finish in her mouth. Maybe one day…

She tried to take me in deep but while thrusting her head, she gagged (too deep). She still denies that she ever deepthroated me, but we men never forget, she did in the heat of an orgasm she was having (69). So I need to help her to know how she can take me all the way in without gagging.

Rambone, standing a couple of inches taller today.

BTW, the mrs. commented that I had a big smile on my face (I’m not much of a smiler, usually)

Yea! I knew it would eventually work for you. Good job! I can’t imagine taking it right before sex would have much effect since it would mostly still be in your digestive system. Whatever! It’s finally giving you the results you were looking for.


What doesnt Arginine do? ITs great for rock hard erections and gives great pumps during lifting. Supplement to end all supplements.

Congratulations Rambone,

my wife loves to watch my ejaculations. The last two of days (we have sex almost every day) she finished me “by hand”, so she could watch. I have always shot a good quantity, but the last 8 years the problem was that I tended to dribble rather than shoot. In these last occasions (the last some 2 hours ago) she was so amazed at the power of my shot that we actually measured the “traveled distance”. I don’t know how high they went, but the ballistic trajectory ended up 2,5 feet away, over my shoulders! She was fascinated and went SSSHHHHHWHHOOOOAAA!!! Man what a feeling, I felt like a teenager.

I supplement just 500mg arginine daily before going to bed, you know to help GH release. I don’t know whether to attribute the results to PE as a whole or to arginine. My wife tells me, “keep doing those exercises”. Je,je.

Take care and keep shooting,

I’m quite interested in Arginine, but I’m not sure what is a qualty brand. I don’t want to take low quality supplements, can anyone recommend a worthy brand? BTW, congratz on the major load, very cool to hear.

I am also interested in that information. In addition, I was under the impression that NOX2 was like arganine, but better. What do you think about this?

I’m reposting the following to let others know it really works!

Well let me say that the cocktail I’ve been taking for the past week or so has really paid off. The NO2 has really made my weightlifting show quick dividends. My muscles do feel “pumped” all day. I’ve also noticed an increase in visible veins. I’ve got veins popping out everywhere and my unit has some impressive new veins too.

As far as the lecithin and pygeum it’s made my cum so sticky it’s hard to clean up. Yesterday, my wife was giving me a BJ. She started by licking the pre-cum and noticed it was extra sticky. She pulled her tongue back and the pre-cum stretched about a foot and a half. She then started sucking it up like a spaghetti noodle. When it came time to cum, I counted the pulses and it felt like seven or eight good squirts. She said it was a mouthful. So much she normally swallows but yesterday she couldn’t. She apologized and said it was due to the fact that she already came. She had lost her horniness by then. Anyhow this cocktail is great. I’ve never produced such large sticky loads. I can’t believe that I was actually able to shoot a load the other night while masturbating. It normally just dribbles out. Needless to say I’m sticking with the new cocktail of NO2, pygeum, lecithin and a gallon of water a day!


Thanks everyone! Now if only I could increase shooting power instead of pouring out.

Last night ( about 28 hours after my big bj cum) I had intercourse and used a condom. I didn’t expect a large load this time since I just had one the night before. But when I came, it felt really good. Looking at the load in the condom, it seemed like one of my pre-L-Arginine “big” loads. It was nothing compared to the big load I reported yesterday, but it considering I just came the night before, and I missed one dose duirng the night before this last one, it was about as big a load as I would get even with days of abstinence before ever using L-Arginine and drinking a gallon of water a day.

I think upping the dose and possibly taking it (ok not right before the bj) about 45-60 minutes prior to my big load might have something to do with it. Of course, I had about 48 hours of build up too.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my results in the future. Man, this is great!


hmm, interesting. Wish I could still take the stuff. I am still scared that my liver doesn’t process it very well. :(

may have been some vitamins, may be the amino acid, I don’t know.


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