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Hey guys,

After doing some reading here, I got quite interested in the effects of pygeum and would like to try it out.
However, I haven’t found any shop yet that sells it here in the EU-mainland. What I did find out is that one
of the active compounds in pygeum is beta-sitosterole, and I did came across it in various shops.
So the question here, is the sitosterole in pygeum responsible for the effects on your pre-cum amount?

I don’t know about pygeum but people have reported pre-cum increases from Lecithin which can be bought in most pharmacy’s/chemist’s/drug stores.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Yes I’ve seen increases with lecithin and tried it out. But I’m still curious about the effect pygeum causes,

since in this thread it is a very large contributor for increase in pre-cum (at least, that’s what said there).

I noticed increased precum with taking flowers pollen (the pollen harvested by bees). Two-three teaspoons a day with Two zinc tablets and I’m shooting like Peter North.

I don’t have a big load at all when I’m not taking zinc and when I’m not supplementing with pollen I have nearly zero precum.

Zinc alone does produce more precum too, in my experience.

Beginning (11/2009): BPEL 6.69

Now: BPEL 7.28, EG 5.31 BG 5.51

Flower pollen? Interesting. Mind giving some more info about your daily dosage? As for zinc tablets, I’m a bit cautious about going over the advised daily intake, it’s supposedly bad for your health?

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