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Best Sexual Supplements...


Best Sexual Supplements...

Hey guys,

I have been using Stamina-RX for the past year or some now for a sexual supplement before sex, or just to take during the day to have a real nice flaccid hang. But I want to try some other stuff too, I would love to try viagra but I dont want to go through the hassel of getting a perscription. Plus I am only 19, so I don’t want to ‘fix’ whats not broken. So if anyone has any suggestions, throw them out there. Thanks.

No one with ideas??

You dont need a presciption for viagra. But for a nice flacid hang i use cialis.

I am curious to know if those combination pills are alright. I see some available which have like Horny Goat Weed (375mg), Maca (100mg), Tribulus Extract (75mg), Damiana (50mg), etc and more.

Is it safe to have these sorts of combination, and what of their effects?

There’s another one on iherbs site called Super Horny Goat Weed, which is basically a combination of even more different herbs along with HGW. However, I don’t want anything that will just screw me over and give me side-effects and have my heart racing or anything.

Anyone have any experience in this. Or should I get pure HGW (500mg)/pills?

Please advise.


Most of these pro-sexual supplements have bad reviews. Tongcat ali probably has the best reviews, but even then its 50% good review 50% non-responder.

What would you need sexual supplements for if you are 19?

I just use them for the extra boost. The extra rock hard feel.

another supp

@ lurker

A male virility supp from NOW foods. I used to take it…seemed to help.…rbs&cid=NOW_men

Epimedium Extract ( Epimedium brevicorum Maxim.) (extract contains min. 3% Icariin) (aerial parts/leaf) 375 mg *
Muira Puama 10:1 Extract ( Ptychopetalum olacoides Benth.) (root/ stem) 100 mg *
Maca ( Lepidium meyenilli Walp.) (root) 100 mg *
Tribulus Extract ( Tribulus terrestris ) (fruit) (extract contains min. 45% sterodial Saponins) 75 mg *
Panax Ginseng (5% Ginsenosides) (root) 50 mg *
Damiana ( Turnera aphrodisiaca ) (leaf) 50 mg *
Ginkgo Extract (Ginkgo biloba ) (leaf) (extract contains min. 24% ginkgoflavoglycosides) 30 mg *
Cayenne (Capsicum annuum) (40,000 SHU) (fruit) 25 mg *

Vitamin B - 6 ( from Pyridoxine HCI ) 3.5 mg 180%
Magnesium ( from Magnesium Aspartate ) 150 mg 40%
Zinc ( from Zinc L - Monomethionine and Zinc Aspartate ) 10 mg 70%
ZMA ( Patent Pending complex of Zinc L - Monomethionine, Magnesium / Zinc Aspartate, and Pyridoxine HCI ) 808 mg †
Eleuthero ( Eleutherococcus senticosus ) ( Root ) 300 mg †
Tribulus terrestris Extract ( Fruit ) ( min. 45% steroidal Saponins ) 250 mg †
LJ100 Tongkat All ( Eurycoma longifolia Extract ) ( Root ) ( 18 - 28% Eurypeptides ) 50 mg †

Haven’t tired the Testo Jack…let me know if anyone has.

Men’s virility from NOW didn’t work for me.

Testojack 100 seems to have decent ingredients for it’s prise. I’m also looking for some review on the same.

What the next best thing to Viagra?? such as a generic viagra?

@ kbvk

I googled etc for reviews on TestoJack 100. Not much to find….but I did find a place to purchase at a lower price …

Don’t know nothing about them.

I’ll probably be trying it out soon,,,my first for Tongkat ali…..and looking back…the Men’s Virility didn’t do much…”its hard to judge herbals and such”

..and GoinBig….next to Viagra…is sildenafil…the generic, and it comes under many different brand names…just got some today called “Manly 100”

Thanks for the link, webslave. Let us know how it works for you.

I ordered quite a few things from iHerb a few days ago. Actually all I wanted to HGW and Damiana, but then I thought since I am getting stuff shipped from overseas, might as well use the shipping charges and get other stuff as well on the good rate. Stuff here in Hong Kong is expensive, plus hard to find.

This is what I ended up ordering:

1. Nature’s Herbs, Male Formula ( Power Herbs ), 60 Capsules

2. Now Foods, Ashwagandha 4.5% Extract, 450 mg, 90 Vcaps

3. Nature’s Way, Horny Goat Weed, 60 Capsules

4. Now Foods, Damiana, 450 mg, 100 Capsules

5. Now Foods, Men’s Virility Power, 120 Capsules

Of course, I won’t be taking these all together, but I just thought I ought to keep the supply. I will provide details on their outcome. I will will be starting off with Damiana (for bigger balls), and HGW first when they arrive.

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