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NOW foods,,,nowf2171 Tribulus 1000Mg 90 Tabs $11.99,,nothing special.
seen the product info somewhere??? Not as good as what you mentioned.

at sugoi, heard that taking Taurine will help with the jitters.

Thanks. Let’s know how it works for you.

How many grams/day do you take?
I have read that 2 to 3 grams per day is good.
I’m taking 4 caps of optimum tribulus, each cap is 625mg. 2 caps with the breakfast, 1 cap with lunch and 1 cap with dinner.

Will do kbvk;

will probably take just 1 of the 1000mg caps for the first week, using the 5on 2 off cycle, them go up on the dosage. I’m also taking other supps, vits, arginine 1000mg daily, etc.

more info here…66/ai_n14834116

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for or not. I’ve never tried it myself. I do know some guys that use Alpha Male from biotest as part of their PCT regimen thinking that the tribulus and calforsin will increase testosterone production.

They believe that the bigger, fuller erections they get from these supplements are because of increased test levels. I think they are actually from more blood flow, including more blood flow to the penis. But they do say it makes them bigger and harder.

Possibly worth looking into? Perhaps for you, not for me because it’s expensive and I’m too cheap. I’m just throwing this in in case you are interested in trying it. I’ll stick to my liquid cialis when I need it.

No activity in this thread for a while :-)

I’ve recently started taking a product called Ambrina. I’d always shied away from anything containing yohimbe, because of the drastic-sounding side-effects, but this pill works very well for me with no sides. I decided to try it instead of Orexis, which is also yohimbe-based, and widely touted, but am still curious how well Orexis works. (I also still like Arize, which mostly contains tongkat ali. Arize plus Ambrina seems to have an amazing and long-lasting effect, but I do get a little stuffed up.) Also, has anyone tried straight yohimbe? Due to my satisfaction with Arize (and Libidus before that), I bought a month’s supply of tongkat ali, but it had nowhere near the effect of the combination capsules, so I guess somebody knows something about formulating these things.

I’ve tried straight yohimbe. The thing is, the only part that matters is the “actual yohimbine extract content”. On my bottle (don’t remember the brand) it says it is 2% yohimbine, which is the active ingredient.

Honestly, I did notice a big difference. However, I have to take double the label dose. Also, it takes about 1to2 hours before your body is fully under it’s spell. Then you have powerful sex. Then you try and try and try to get some sleep. Keep trying. Heart pumping. Consider going for more sex. No. Try to sleep. Fall asleep around 2:30am. Have weird dreams. Then the next night it is pretty much out of your system, so if you want to do it again, you have to take it again. It’s more like Viagra than Cialis.

If you are going to try it, I recommend taking it 2.5 hours before sex. That way, you’ll get to sleep by 1:30am.

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Tongkat ali and maca work for me. Give these two a try!

A teaspoon and a half a day of raw maca or maca gel from Root of the Matter is all I need these days.


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