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Best HGH supplement?

Best HGH supplement?

I’m thinking of picking some up, anyone have any experience or advice?

I’ll tell you to save your money, I don’t know if you’ll abide by that advice. Short of spending large amounts of money on GH or having it covered y insurance under a plan, your shit out of luck. I assume your speaking of human growth hormone when you type “HGH”…or is it hGH? Not an expert myself, but I don’t believe there are really any OTC supp.’s that will actually increase growth hormone levels to any effective end. Most of the use I’m aware of is by injection/pharm grade/know your IU’s type of shit. Research this stuff carefully if you are really going to fuck around with it. Might not even be something you want after all. Wouldn’t bet a bigger dick on this if that is what your after. Check out real BB anabolics forums and the like to get a feel for how this stuff is used (and misused). Unless you have a bonafide medical reason for this quest, again I advise not using as recreational supplementation. The supp industry has made this a very common theme in advertising for BB and other quests. The real thing is to be taken a bit more seriously. groa

I have tried only one hGH supplement thus far, that being Nutraceutics PRO hGH. It is claimed to be the market leader, as well as the “#1 doctor recommended” hGH supplement. However, after using it for about 3 or 4 months now, I can’t really say I’ve noticed any difference while taking it. I am 24, and only taking it to help with weightlifting gains, but I don’t think it has provided much in this area.

It may help with people who are a bit older, like 35+, who are having a natural decline in growth hormone levels, but for me, I think I am too young to be seeing any positive effects from it. I think I read that growth hormone levels begin declining after the age of 25 or so, so that may be why I’m not seeing anything happening (and why I will stop taking it after this month supply runs out).

I suggest giving PRO hGH or a similar supplement a try for a month or two and see what it does. Perhaps it may work out well for you as a dietary supplement.

Just a word of advice, if you get PROhGH or another supplement, try to find a good online store to buy it, and not the manufacturer. For instance, if I were to buy PRO hGH from, it would cost 110 dollars for a one month supply. I usually get my supplements (whey protein, PRO hGH, etc.) from a company called, so a one month supply from them costs me 70 dollars (which I still think is high). So just shop around, and you should be able to find a decent supplement for between 60 and 70 dollars (or maybe cheaper).

Also, if you get an effervescent formulation, like PRO hGH is, be prepared that the taste is quite weird. Took me about a week to get used to the taste of it. And if you get a free sample of Pharmologic PROEndorphin with the PROhGH (sometimes is inside the box), that is an even more messed up taste. Regardless, it’s just a taste you have to and do get used to over time.

Anyways, hope that helped you a little bit. I wish I could say it worked well for me, but I don’t think it did. If PRO hGH or a similar supplement does exist in about 5 years from now, I may give it another whirl, but for now, I’m going to save myself 840 dollars a year and spend it on something else.

I didn’t want it for PE, just for weightlifting. I guess maybe I’ll just save my money, since no one has validated all of the stuff I hear about it.

Yeah, I know, I just ended up buying it (PRO hGH), because all of the studies claimed that the secretagogue hGH supplements helped for weightlifting. I just went with PRO hGH, because I figured if it was the top-recommended, then it had to be good. I’ve read of some people using PBL hGH-PH Complex with some success, but I’m hesitant to go trying that out now. I may just invest my money in some other kind of pro hormones, because I haven’t made any real muscle gains over the past 5 weeks or so. Then again, I’m kind of afraid of the side effects that could be caused, so maybe I’ll just try mixing up my lifting routine a bit and see what happens.

So yeah, if you want hGH for anti-aging, that is one side, whereas to aid in body building or strength training, that seems to be quite another deal. I haven’t had luck with it for weightlifting, but perhaps it does work well for its supposed anti-aging benefits. Or maybe just a different formulation might work better for weightlifting. I would like to hear that it has worked for an actual person, for either anti-aging or for weightlifting, but as it stands, the only things I’ve read that say this works is primarily from studies that have been done.

No there all Bull over the counter. I know, I work for a supplement company. The only stuff that works is the one that you inject thats prescribed from a doctor or illegally. It’s real expensive but it works.

Thanks, whome!

Funny how the best research done by supp companies in the advertising field. Fuckin’ studies bought and paid for, some probably don’t even exist beyond mention in an ad. Cheapest price on hormonal supplements is the cost of food and heavy squats…probably more effective as well. Can’t say for certain that GH and test are released as a result of these types of ex’s, but they sure build muscle all over. Hint, hint guys:) . groa

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