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Benadryl epic orgasm effect.


Benadryl epic orgasm effect.

I happened to discover that Benadryl, the OTC allergy drug when taken in quantities of 4 to 8 pills, can intensify orgasms by mind blowing amounts. No joke. About 45 minutes after their taken, you have a 2-4 hour window of epic, super powered, really long lasting turbo orgasms. It can even allow you to have have a whole bunch in a row. It is definitely NOT FOR EVERYBODY, but insanely intense like sky diving or BASE jumping. It’s truly a hidden super power in the health and beauty section of grocery stores. Its impossible to describe to anyone who’s never done it like trying to explain to a blind man what the color red is like.

I don’t have enough rank to put this in the main member forum, so if someone wants to put it their I request that it’s made a sticky on the forum. This info is priceless.

What is the recommended dosage?

That’s interesting, as being an anti-histamine can cause temporary ED in some cases.

Have you tried repeating the experiment ?

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I know it has worked for me in the past before I gain ejaculatory control. I fucked like a champ!

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Sounds like you are one of the lucky few to experience this side effect.

Coincidentaly there is a medicine that has been known to cause orgasm by yawning in a small minority and ED in a vast majority, go figure.

The normal dose of Benadryl is 25 - 50 mg. OTC comes in 25 mg tablets. I suspect that by taking 4 to 8 tabs you would be pretty sleepy. DO NOT drive in that condition. Enjoy your orgasm…

I suspect that for most men it would have anti sexual effects. It is sometimes given if one suffers from priapism but sudafed is generally first course of action as it works better than benadryl.

Viagra users that do not actually need viagra may want to keep some sudafed on hand in case of that event.

Sometimes drugs that have anti sexual side effects in fact have sexual side effects in some. It may be more along the line of libido enhancement. I suspect it is short term at best.

Careful please, that is a lot to take in one gulp. I suggest you do not make a habit of this practice.

Good luck.

If I took 4-8 Benadryl, I am certain that I would experience a 12-24 hour window of epic, super-powered, really long-lasting sleep.

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I’ve found that 2 tablets of Benadryl is enough to stave off orgasm for me. Any more and I can’t reach orgasm! I figured this out a few allergy seasons ago, and have done it intentionally only a few times. I can’t say it made my orgasms any more epic, just that it prolonged the entire experience, which usually results in better orgasms anyways. YMMV.

I wouldn’t get used to using this as a crutch, nor would I recommend taking 4-8 tablets at once, especially in combination with other medications, but that’s just me. If you do take that much be sure to drink enough water to match. From what I gather, ~200-300mg and beyond is getting into intentional drug-induced trip territory, so don’t surprise yourself!

Indicated for:
* Antihistaminic
* Motion sickness
* Sedative/Hypnotic

Other uses:
* Halting allergic reactions, controlling extrapyramidal side-effects induced by antipsychotics

* Use in neonates and premature infants
* Use in nursing mothers
* Use in people with epilepsy
* Use in people with hypersensitivity to diphenhydramine hydrochloride and other antihistamines of similar chemical structure

Non-medical use:
* Used as a deliriant/hallucinogen
* Used to potentiate opioids


* Myocardial infarction (heart attack), serious ventricular dysrhythmias, coma and death

Atypical sensations:
* Feelings of heaviness, hearing disturbance

* Hypertension in sensitive individuals

Ear, nose, and throat:
* Dryness of the nose and throat, heartburn

* Increased or decreased appetite

* Dryness of the eyes, redness of the eyes, yellowing of the eyes

* Constipation, nausea

* Hepatotoxicity in extremely large dosages

* Incoordination, slow muscle response, fasciculations (twitching)

* restlessness, extrapyramidal side-effects, restless-leg syndrome, confusion, clouded thinking, drowsiness, hallucinations, delirium, dysphoria, short-term memory loss

* Agitation, anxiety, emotional lability, depression, excitability (especially in children), paranoia

* Decreased respiration

* Photosensitivity, flushing

Urogenital and reproductive:
* Urinary retention, sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, decreased libido

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

If I took 4-8 Benadryl, I am certain that I would experience a 12-24 hour window of epic, super-powered, really long-lasting sleep.


You should take em with caffein to reduce the sleepyness. I’m kinda surprised that some of you felt the opposite effect, I’m truly sad for you. As mspert said, taking a few too many could give you MASSIVE hallucinations and put you in a dense brain fog. I’ve tried it a few times and tripped and loved it (yes I know the health risks but its completely worth it to me), all music sounds glorious while your on it as well.

‘You should take em with caffein to reduce the sleepyness.’

You shouldn’t take them if you don’t have the problem those pills are supposed to cure, IMHO. It is not a supplement, it is a drug - big difference.

Originally Posted by marinera
‘You should take em with caffein to reduce the sleepyness.’
You shouldn’t take them if you don’t have the problem those pills are supposed to cure, IMHO. It is not a supplement, it is a drug - big difference.

Yeah I know its technically abuse, but it’s so crazy intense that it’s completely worth it. It can even get so powerful that the only thing you can do during the orgasm is sit where you are and make all kinds of crazy ass faces for about a minute, non stop. It’s so powerfull that it cause someone to drive their Rolls Royce into a river (he said sarcastically). If you do try it you need to make sure that your head is intact after it’s over as it may blow your mind.

^^ How many did you take, and how long before the orgasm for this effect?

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Oz maybe you didn’t read his first post!

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