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I saw something about beets on the news about beets help with ED and work out performance. Anyone try this. It “should ” increase nitric oxide.

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It depends on the beets.

Sugar beets do contain Betaine. It lowers homocysteine levels (increased levels indicate heart disease). There aren’t enough studies yet that shows increase of NO levels with sugar beet consumption.

You might be referring to Beet Root which is rich in dietary nitrogen in the form of nitrates. Nitrogen is such an important element that our bodies need a substantial amount of it. It’s found in amino acids (proteins have the nitrogen atom in the chain) and also in radicals like the Nitric Oxide. The pathway is Nitrate > Nitrite > Nitric

Even if you gulp down a lot of arginine or citrulline, if you don’t have enough nitrogen in the body to be converted into nitric oxide, it’s all useless. However, nitrates get converted faster as opposed to making the body manufacture nitrogen from proteins into nitrate then nitrite and finally Nitric.

It does lower blood pressure by allowing blood vessel expansion and it might help with ED related to unhealthy blood vessels.

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Ha! ha! Sure people in Eastern Europe uncludeds me breed like rabbits because of the beets they consume LOL!

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You should eat beets regardless. They are great for health and liver and blood and more. Also eat the beet green tops when you buy them as they are full of nutrition, either chop them small for your salad or cook them like spinach or juice them along with the beet roots.


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I juiced beets for a while to help with my workout. Since it does increase nitrogen levels it is pretty much like those popular pre-workout mixes, minus the large amounts of caffeine. It worked pretty good for working out, but I really didn’t pay attention to see if it affected my EQ. Next time I start to juice them again I will pay more attention.


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