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Baldness cure could be five years away


Mine started at 30 and seemed to stop at 35. 39 now. My back isn’t hairy, but I never had nasal hair, ear hair and bushy eyebrows before the scalp gave up some hair!

Maybe I’m just turning into a werewolf ;)

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I feel your pain Huff… I started losing mine in high school and other kids could tell.

Been a downhill slide ever since. Now I either shave or simply trim it very close and just deal with it. Shit’s like losing and arm or leg or your dick. Sucks.

Save a spot on the pavement for me.

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Aye sir. Baldies of the world unite!

I trim mine very close too. Never shave though like kojak. There really is no alternative to the close trim look for baldies.

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So this was 8 years ago. Guess some peolple have been sniffing Oprah’s behind secretly now for three years?

Any news on this “cure”? :)


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