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I know that this forum is probably not the best place to ask about a female supplement, but you guys might have a different perspective so here goes.

Anyone here have a wife/girlfriend/lover taking Avlimil? Did it improve your sex life? Are there any side affects that you didn’t like? How soon did you notice a difference in your sex life? If she stopped taking Avlimil, did she have any ill affects from that?

Any other information you have would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to hear other peoples stories about how their wives got started with Avlimil. My wife has ordered her free month supply but it hasn’t arrived yet.

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Take a look

at this site.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

My wifes been taking it for several months and her labido hasn’t really changed much. Then again, she has two little ones that run her into the ground each day. Doesn’t leave much energy for the evening. She didn’t have any side effects. I believe it’s an all natural product.



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