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avg dose ogf arginine!

avg dose ogf arginine!

id like to know what are the avg doses of arginine for the viagra effect, im going to add this to my supps to see if it helps!

cyber~ hanging 4-5 hrs a day now!!!!!!!!!

You’re not likely to get the same effect as one often does from Viagra, but especially in conjunction with Viagra use, it does enhance the effect of V. There is some data (a recent Russian study, I think) that suggests that men who need and use Viagra get a yet stronger reaction once they’ve been using L-a for a week or two.

There are guys who take a whole lot of L-a a day; a couple of grams. But I suggest you start out with one 500 mg dose/day, then move up after a couple of days to two 500 mg doses, then max out at three 500 mg doses/day, spread out over the day, and see where you are.

This stuff does not work over night. Takes at least a week for it to kick in, in my experience.

Prepare yourself for some possible (and excessive) farting and loose bowels, but those symptoms seem to diminish or disappear over time.



sorry to disagree

I have taken Arginine on and off for two years. It works!

I take up to 10 GRAMS or more, and an empty stomach is mandatory to get
the Viagra effect. You must work up to this dose.

Small amounts like 500-2000 mg don’t work well, and if you eat any protein
at all within 3 hours, it kills the Arginine.

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