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Attention: Board

Attention: Board--- House bill will BAN DHEA, Andro, and others

There is a bill in the HR right now that will BAN DHEA and ANDRO,
and some other good supps, making them a controlled substance.

I will post this on the main forum too.

I have a form letter send to congressmen, but according to Life
Extension, the bill looks as if there is no way to derail it.

Clinton snuck thru a similar bill banning GHB.


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Have the bill number?

Yes, the bill number is............

H.R. 207

It was introduced last October by Representatives Sweeney and
Osborn. Pregnenolone is also on the list and it could open up
a pandora’s box to clean out the body building/sexual
supps. It would ban ALL hormone precursors, but it seems to
be a ruse by the drug companies to get the prescription money

Our federal government has no constitutional power to ban or regulate substances we may put in our bodies. Yet, the war against rights, er…war against drugs marches on.

Here’s the summary of this bill from


Amends the Controlled Substances Act to modify the definition of “immediate precursor” to include a substance which the Attorney General has designated as the immediate chemical precursor of an anabolic steroid that has been scheduled as a controlled substance which either is a metabolite of a scheduled anabolic steroid or is transformed in the body directly into a scheduled anabolic steroid or the metabolite of a scheduled anabolic steroid.

Authorizes the Attorney General to place the immediate precursor of a scheduled anabolic steroid in the same schedule as that anabolic steroid or in any other schedule with a higher numerical designation (without regard to specified requirements, including the requirement that a substance promote muscle growth). States that once such an immediate precursor is placed in a schedule, it becomes a controlled substance and the Attorney General may schedule an immediate precursor of that substance.

Authorizes the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy to undertake education programs at the grade and high school levels to highlight the harmful effects of steroids and steroid precursor use by youths. Requires the Director to use funds made available for such programs for existing State and local anti-drug programs, primarily for education programs that directly communicate with teachers, principals, coaches, and children at the school level on the harmful effects of steroids and steroid precursors.

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