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Attention! All who have ordered from All day chemist


Attention! All who have ordered from All day chemist

I have recently been hit with $830 of fraudulent spending on my debit card from India.

I beleive this was from my attempted purchase with the card through ADC. Be aware.

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Do they delivered what you bought?

Yes, but I ended up sending a money order after my card wouldn’t work. Apparently someone else found out how to get it to.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

I order from alldaychemist and today received a letter notifying me that somebody had attempted to use my card to make online purchases…. *hmm*

Block your credit card. I wouldn’t be that sure that ADC is the culprit. Check with your bank if there is a way to have a refund.

Contact ADC as well, tell you what happened they could have an insurance or something - not likely, but worth trying.

I think i’ve done everything I can. I should have my money back by thursday.

I tryed to contact ADC, but they didn’t answer. They were very helpful and nice when I ordered from them, so I do not think that this is their fault. However the company or website that controlled the credit cards and other electronic payment processes was indeed untrustable and looked so.

Just a heads up to everyone out there, thankfully I caught it literally hours after it happened.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Yikes! Thanks for posting this. I do try and use a pre-paid card when ordering. I did when ordering from them.

I had the same thing happen to me when I bought “Chocolate”-the Korean martial arts movie not the gay chick flick, a hard to find at that time movie from an uk website. It only cost me $25 at the time then about a month later they charged $1500 to my card of which $1200 was all I go back. The credit card company ran me through all sorts of obstacles when I could have proven with an air tight alibi that I couldn’t have bought a takeout meal uk and groceries in Maine at the sane time. Those futtbuckers uses my money to pay off their charges in hermagesty’s court house!

Be very cautious and safe when ordering online from overseas companies. Transfer a small amount of money onto a refillable credit card and only use that card with paypal. If you do happen to get taken advantage of you will have to prove all transaction in a written letter within so many business days. Its a bad headache easily avoided with precaution.

WOW! I thought it was just me that this happened to. I ordered from ADC and realized that they had a new credit card processor for their orders from the last time that I ordered from them. Not even 48 hours later I had 2 fraudulent charges to my account. My bank caught it just after it happened,froze my debit card, notified me by phone, sent me a new card, credited my account back from the charges, and are investigating the charges. It was definitely my purchase from ADC that caused this issue because it never happened to me before. I’m going to use a re-paid debit next time. ADC better change their credit card processor before they get shutdown. This whole situation is going to bring a lot of heat on their company.

Oh no.order from them a few weeks ago. Will try and check my account tomorrow and cancel my card just in case.

Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
“Chocolate”-the Korean martial arts movie not the gay chick flick,

That sounds even more gay.. Liked that Hollywood movie though.

Are you kidding? People actually got hurt in the movie. No stunt doubles.

The movie is about an autistic girl that only watches Kung fu movies and eats chocolate. When her mother get kidnapped by mobsters she goes Bruce Lee ape sh*t on everybody. Best retard fight scenes ever!

I had this happen to me when I attempted to purchase something online from overseas a couple of years ago. Fortunately my bank caught it and called me to verify before they approved it. Ever since if I’m going to buy something from overseas, I first get the price then I go buy a gift card for that amount then use that to make the purchase.

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After my last order with ADC, I had a strange charge show up from Hawaii. It was only $1.50 and I had the bank to cancel my check-card.

Msbwo.. I have had a £1.50 charge every time I use my card? I was in the bank and noticed it is taken off everytime I order stuff online.. But the woman in the bank asked if I used ATM’s that charge cause it was a card charge??

Anyways cancelled my card, will only use prepaid to buy stuff online now.


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