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ASA and PE

ASA and PE

Recently, I just started taking 160 mg of ASA daily…I also just started a PE program consisting of JAI’s and Jelqs. One thing I’ve noticed, and I realize this is normal during PE, if the formation of blood dots on the glans and shaft, due to minor injury to capillaries. My question is : Will the ASA cause an increase in this, or potential for more serious injury? Seems like they appear more frequently, with a lesser degree of stress.

My second question, non-PE related, is about the dosing of ASA. In the past, the studies have shown that the dose of 160 mg daily of ASA has many benefits, from reduced risk of coronary artery disease, better circulation, and decreased risk of ischemic stroke. Recently, I’ve heard that some MDs are prescribing a dose of 160 or 80 mg every TWO to THREE days, not every day. The effect of ASA on platelet aggregation last the life of the platelet, 5-7 days, but I’d like some input on the new dosing regime.

Oh, PS…I also take 400 iu of Vit E daily, this may also potentiate the ASA.

Yes, this is the very reason i don’t use aspirin. I might use vitamin E though. definitely not both together.

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