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Article about arginine

Originally Posted by questioning
What about just consuming arginine containing foods? .. Any info ?

Most people describe (over and over again), is that it only gives the effect when taken on an empty stomach. Since it’s just an amino acid, when you take it with a meal or other foods, your body views it as just another protein (which is all it is, really) and just digests it for energy. You lose the noticeable vasodialating effect it has when taken alone. This has been my experience with it, as well.

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Very good subject Questioning, thanks!
Electron, that’s right. L-Arginine has to be taking before meal on an empty stomach in order for it to work. Few days ago, i asked a pharmacist about it, and he said to better take it with Lysine to prevent fever blisters.
Also, I have done research on Arginine, and it is recommended to take it with Ornithine to have strong affect. These 2 work well together from what I did read.

I am about to buy them myself in Health food store. The reason I want to take them is not for erection which I have no problem with, but just to improve and to heal the Tissues while I am PEing. May be it will make my penis heals quicker and be ready for the next PE sooner.

Does anyone know any cheap web sites that sell Nox2?

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Originally Posted by Tangerine
Yes, I would also be interested in information concerning arginine in foods. Natural consumption is always best, after all..

Peanutt butter is loaded with argenine, about 750mg in 15 grahms of peanutt butter. Walnuts and other nuts and seeds are high in argenine.

I have been using amino acids in cycles for 4 years now. My purpose is for the enhancement of general health, which I feel is better today than ever. The increase in sexual performance is but an added benefit. At this juncture, I plan to live to be 100.

Originally Posted by legolas
Does anyone know any cheap web sites that sell Nox2?

Wal-Mart’s has their own brand of nox2 that costs about half of those in vitamin shops. To me it works just as well. I take it with pharmaceutical strength yohimbine. Together the two sups really enhance girth work almost as much as V or C.

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Thanks Big G! Do you think I could buy it over the net? What is it called?

Have you ever tried Arginmax?

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Originally Posted by electron
Most people describe (over and over again), is that it only gives the effect when taken on an empty stomach. Since it’s just an amino acid, when you take it with a meal or other foods, your body views it as just another protein (which is all it is, really) and just digests it for energy. You lose the noticeable vasodialating effect it has when taken alone. This has been my experience with it, as well.

What about long term erection toning ? Not the immediate results. Does the regular consumption of Arginine naturally mainly help there (long and lastingterm)?

About NO

I don’t know why the forum isn’t leting me post a new thread, so I rather post this info here. I can’t remmember where I found it though, sorry.

The combination of the nutrients and exercise significantly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis by boosting the body’s production of nitric oxide, which protects against a variety of cardiovascular disorders, report researchers led by medicine nobel laureate Louis Ignarro from UCLA

Ignarro’s team found that moderate exercise reduced the development of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, in mice that are genetically prone to heart disease. Exercise alone has been shown to increase nitric oxide in the body.

But adding the amino acid L-arginine and the antioxidants vitamins C and E to the mix significantly magnified the effect, said Ignarro, who shared the 1998 Nobel Prize for his discoveries in the role that nitric oxide plays in the cardiovascular system.

“This is the first study that shows that if you exercise in addition to taking dietary supplements you have a markedly enhanced production of nitric oxide — in science, we like to call it a synergistic effect,” said Ignarro.

They explain that exercise increases the amount of endothelial NO synthase, an enzyme that converts L-arginine to nitric oxide, which in turn lowers abnormally elevated blood pressure, prevents unwanted blood clotting and early inflammation associated with coronary artery disease, and protects against stroke and myocardial infarction

The antioxidant vitamins C and E work together to remove destructive oxidants from the blood stream, thereby stabilizing the nitric oxide, which can thus rise to higher levels in the blood stream and produce a more beneficial effect

The researcher concluded that simple lifestyle changes - doing moderate exercise, eating a low-fat diet and taking dietary supplements - can make a difference to vascular health. “It works in mice, it’ll work in humans.”


The typical dietary intake of L-arginine is 3.5 to 5 grams daily. Most dietary L-arginine comes from plant and animal proteins. Small amounts of free L-arginine are found in vegetable juices and fermented foods, such as miso and yogurt. Soy protein and other plant proteins are richer in L-arginine than are animal proteins, which are richer in lysine. It is thought that the possible hypocholesterolemic effect of soy protein is due, at least in part, to the higher L-arginine content in this protein.
Various doses are used. For cardiovascular health reasons, doses from 8 to 21 grams daily have been used in divided doses. To help aid with sperm quantity and quality, doses of 10 to 20 grams daily have been used in divided doses. Doses of 5 grams daily have been used for erectile dysfunction. Doses of 1.5 to 2.4 grams daily have been used for interstitial cystitis.

Foods rich in L-arginine include seeds, nuts, peas, and chocolate


NOTE: Nuts, including peanuts, contain mono-unsaturated oil, like olive oil. This oil is actually good for you, unlike saturated fat. It has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol considerably if taken every day. Nut’s are also full of important trace elements, like zinc, boron, selenium etc. Even more reason to eat plenty of different nuts. Great little snacks and high in arginine.

Cocoa solids are the component that contain high levels of arginine, so find a chocolate with a high cocoa solids percentage stated on the label, if you are after higher arginine levels. I personally don’t care about how much arginine my chocolate has.

The finest quality chocolate is high in cocoa solids and cocoa butter. About 55-80% in total. I have a 3kg bag of the best quality chocolate in the world, used by the best chefs. Valrhona Manjari, made with finest quality criollo and trinitario beans. Strong, natural notes of red fruits and a smooth, silky melt. mmmmmmmm. Sorry, I forgot where I was for a minute. Can you tell that I love fine chocolate?

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L-arg gives me really big/hard boners and more powerful orgasms. My dick is actually a cm bigger with 10 grams of arginine in my system, not to mention the pumps I get in my muscles.

You just gotta take like 9+ grams of it, which is a lot, but hey can’t argue with results.

Okay, I just went back on the L-Arginine. It is official. It works. I blew a huge load all over a chicks face today. I had sex 2 days before. Usually it takes me more time to “reload” but I am on the L-Arginine and It keeps my tanks full! Here is the place I got it cheap.

I also like the fact that L-Arginine helps with sore balls from blowing your load too much.

Also mentioned in the OP was histidine, another amino, and if you haven’t tried it you should. I take it about an hour before sex on an empty sex and have found the orgasms to be more intense- if you can stand the runny nose (seriously).

Combine histidine, arginine and Yohimbe and watch her head come off (or drown her).

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MrP-P, do you really notice an allergic reaction from using the histidine? My allergies are bad enough as it is.

If you have allergies and try Histidine, do have the Benadryl ready (or your epi
pen if you have one). Histidine is what the body uses to make Histamine which
is where you get inflammation from.


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