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Arginmax and/or VAhard

Arginmax and/or VAhard

I’ve searched both here on the forums and read all the posts, but I’m still totally confused. I managed to snag 2 90 cap bottles of Arginmax for $17.99. Now my local Rite-Aid has VAhard on sale — buy one, get one free for $25. I’m tempted to get a supply of that, too.

My problem is lack of libido. True, I have a lot of other stuff on my mind right now, but I really miss being horny. I’ve been taking other supps, but so far, nothing. Here’s how bad it is: I signed up for a 3 month membership on a personals service a month ago. I still haven’t been interested enough to even post a profile.

My doctor gave me Viagra samples, and they do want they supposed to do. But even though I get hard as rock, I really don’t care and I lose interest before I come.

The whole thing just sucks. (And yes, we’ve ruled out a medical problem.)

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

(And if it sounds contradictory that I have no interest in sex, but do have an interest in PE, so what? As Walt Whitman said — I’m writing this from memory so I may not have it exactly right — “Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)”

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By “ruling out a medical problem,” does that include low testosterone? That seems to be a major influence on libido (or lack of libido)?


I’m not sure… he said he did a “full workup” and he’s very thorough.

I popped for 2 bottles of VAhard, since it was buy one, get one free. I’ve heard of people taking both that and Arginmax. Don’t know about that.

The thing I worry about most is that I’ve reports that L-Arginine can lower blood pressure. I come from a family where everybody has high blood pressure — except me. Mine’s like super-perfect, despite being the one who’s overweight and smokes like a chimney (I know — smoking is bad for the penis.)

Just a few asides: I don’t why everybody’s so tight abot buying sex supps in public. The clerk at Rite-Aid was the typical young girl, and she was fine with it, even though I had to ask if it was still on sale. I’ve never been embarassed about that kind of stuff. I think everybody in the world knows people have sex.

Also, I noticed Rite-Aid sells sells a pill called “Men’s Club Penis Enlargement Pills” — they even advertised them in this week’s circular, since they’re on special, too. I wonder if it’s because if that kind of stuff is way out in the open these days (Viagra and Bob Dole made penises politically correct), or if Rite- Aid’s finanacial difficulties leads them to stock anything that’ll bring in revenue. (PS — If you want to talk about a company that doesn’t pay its employees, it’s Rite-Aid. I almost went to work in their corporate headquarters twice, but when they mentioned the money, I couldn’t stop laughing and saying “You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding. That’s what you should be paying the clerks in the stores.” I think that’s somehow connected with most of Rite-Aid’s executives at the time now being in the slammer for bilking the company dry.)

Which reminds me of something else — years ago, my local Eckard’s used to sell penis pumps. They still might — I haven’t been in one of those for years. Very expensive and boxed only as a “medical device” (no nude women or massive schlongs on the box) for “the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.”

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