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I have searched the forums and found alot of info on this amino acid but I still had some questions (for some reason I can’t make a thread in the supplement section)

- There has been lots of debating over taking it on a empty stomach or with a meal. Does with experience or enough knowledge about this amino acid, which is more effective?
- What is an effective and safe dose to take? I take 1.5 g daily but still little change
- Lastly, Is it better to take a capsule (ex GNC ArginMax) or just straight powder form (I’ve read that the powder form won’t be as effective unless you drink A TON of water)

Thanks for the help!

1. Empty stomach, because during the digestion of foods it has to compete with other amino acids.

2. It’s “safe” (assuming you don’t meet the risk conditions like herpes) in doses up to 9-10g, although the studies showed some GI disturbances in doses that high. Try stepping it up slowly and seeing what dose works without significant side effects.

3. I doubt it makes a difference, and the powder is probably cheaper.

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Thanks for the reply.. Wow 9-10g a day? That seems pretty high, but yea I’m going to start taking 1.5g in the morning 1.5 hours after my breakfast and then another 1.5g some time before I go to bed.


Have been taking it for a good few months and think it’s great.

Take it with carbohydrates or on an empty stomach, as protein decreases it being absorbed efficiently.

As well as for sex it’s great for working out and to help build lean muscle. :)

Oh sorry and I would take 5g of powder per day.and if I’m working out could be 7g per day as there is also l-arginine in whey protein.

I take 12 to 16g of powder daily. I have taken up to 18 to 20g with no side effects (other than more pre-cum, which was a pleasant side effect). However 12 to 16 is what I settled on.

I divide it up into 2 or three times daily. Empty stomach with water.

I usually take Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) powder as that is what is in all those NO supps. I am taking plain L-arginine now it does not seem to work as well for me so I am going back to that.

This is the one I get, pretty cheap:

NSI AAKG 3000 L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate Powder — 1.1lb (500 g) $25.00…lutarate-Powder

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