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This is my first post to Thunders. I have recently started taking Arginine. I am wondering what sort of time frame people started seeing results. I am currently taking in between 5 and 6g a day. Is there a loading phase where the body gets use to it?



I never saw results (as any type of size increase other than harder erections), but I did feel a stronger sex drive after a couple of weeks of reguar use and not before. Do a search for Arginine and there have been a couple of posts on this.

Honestly it made me too horny. I NEEDED to get off, and that didn’t always work out so well. I would become too frustrated when my girlfriend fell asleep early (without having sex) to where I was being rediculous and unrealistic.

I think 5g a couple of times a day is a standard dose, and was plenty for me.

Also if you have oral herpes, it increases the chances of a cold sore or whatever the sores are.

Nice to have you as a member-

I get the runs if I take more than 5g at a time. Any less than that I am ok.

after about a week


After about a week of taking 5 to 6g per day, I have noticed stronger erections. Before, when I was hard it would hang around 9 o’clock. Now, it is up around 11 and almost 12 o’clock. Not only that, I find I can get it up quicker than before. So, for those of you who are reading this, why not give it a try?


I’ve been doing 3 grams a day (1 G 3 x day, empty stomach) for many months. I’ve had no change in erection angle. However ejaculate volume increased but not until I had taken it for maybe 10 days.

If you can get over the initial phase of a week or so - some gastric distress and a lot of farting (!) the side effects completely disappear. From my reading L-arginine is not dangerous over long-term use and that it does provide a general arterial and venous benefit over the entire body.



I noticed that L-arginine is in the protien supplements I’ve been taking. I’m not even taking a product meant for increasing ejaculation, but I’ve noticed a big difference!

Just posted an update on my use of Arginine at the “GNC ArginMax” thread, might prove interesting.

Start 2/1/03 FBP: L: 3.25", G:3.00" EBP: L: 5.85", G:4.25" 7/7/03 FBP: L: 5.50", G:5.25" EBP: L: 7.00", G:5.25"


Good to see you posting!

Do you use tabs or powder?



Been using 1000mg tablets. Seem to work good. A couple in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and a couple before bedtime.


ok, obviously people are confused about this.

arginine, like all other PE pills, does not increase size.
It may temporarily APPEAR that it does, only because it gives stronger / harder erections.

what it does do:

Increases load (ejaculate) volume
Increases libido (sex drive)
Increases blood flow to penis (larger flaccid hang)
Increases erection volume (longer/harder erections)

If taken right before bed on empty stomach it also:
Increases blood flow and nocturnal erections (not emissions) while sleeping.
Increases amount of GH (growth hormone) your body secretes at night.

Can be taken 20 to 35 min before sex to be used axactly as VIAGRA is used. Arginine is basically like the generic viagra, so to speak.

I use powder because it is many times cheaper than pills, and I use a lot of it. The powder mixed with water tastes like THE GROSSEST THING EVER.
I have found if you mix it with a shot’s worth of either orange juice or apple juice, the taste is fine.

PM me if you are still confused somehow.

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