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Arginine: What's Your experience?

It’s the middle of the third day, and I’m beginning to notice a better flaccid hang, it seems more relaxed and is hanging longer. Hopefully it will stay that way. :)

I wanted to “kick start” things, so I decided to take 20 grams in the first 3 days, then I’ll do 5 gm per day after that and see what it does. The first night I took 8 gm (3, and then 5 later on), the second day (yesterday) I took 6 gms, and 6 gm for today. I already had 2 this morning and just took 2 a while ago, so that leaves 2 more for tonight, then I’ll just do 5 grams starting tomorrow. I think I’ll try 2 in the morning, and the other 3 at night.

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In the Netherlands, L-arginine is quite expensive. 50 pills (500 mg.) costs 15 dollar. If you want to use 5 grams a day, you need a new bottle every five days! So I ordered a bottle of arginine powder from (22,99 dollar for 454 gram). I believe you, when you say that it tastes horrible, but hey it is almost 12 times cheaper…

Can you mix it with juice or something zo you don’t taste it?

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Side Effects

Any one has side effects with L-arginine?

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I started taking arginine about 2 weeks after commencing PE. I had quite impressive gains during the first 2 months, gaining 4cm in length. During that time, I was taking 1000mg capsules (Jarrow Formulas) 3 times per day, and didn’t suffer any significant side effects. I’m now on a lower dose, and am gaining less, so maybe I should get back up to the 3 caps per day!

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I had a bottle of NOX2 and it worked for me. But at the moment it’s way too expensive for me, are there any good alternatives? Cheap ones?

And what’s the difference between plain arginine and NOX2?

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My suggestion would to read the ingredients in the NOX2 and buy them seperately, but taking them at the same time. It would probably be cheaper. And the only difference is that NOX2 has a few extra ingredients in it

To me ZMA is more effective than arginine.

Hobby, what is the generic brand of NOX2 from Wal-Mart called?

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I’m not Hobby, but the ones at my local Wal-Fart are NOS by Body Fortress.

I’m jumping in this thread a little late, but I thought I’d add my L-Arginine experience to the mix. I spent a month hitting the L-Arg hard to see what it would do for me. Took a couple of weeks to build my dosage up to 3 g per day, then maintained that dosage for two more weeks.

My results? There was a difference in ejaculate volume, but not much. It was something like a 15% increase (I was pretty scientific about this, using a calibrated cup). Interesting, but not enough to justify continuing with the high doses.

For me, by far the biggest benefit of Arginine is how it increases flaccid hang. And this change happens almost right away (i.e. no need to let the stuff build up in your system for weeks) and 1 g/day was plenty enough to do the job.

I took about 5 grams of L-Arginine a day for about 3 months and never felt the first benefit from it. But I have a feeling that my body simply rejects all supplements. I’ve taken just about everything there is for the last two and a half years and have never done any good with any of them. Only thing they have done for me is to make my wallet a lot thinner.

L-Arginine made me impotent, no lie.

Basically I only took 500mg a day, every morning, which was fine at first - I noticed an increase in volume and harder erections.

About 6 months in I began having erection problems, and they continued for a couple of months until I realised what was causing them and stopped the Arginine.
Miraculously, within a week, my erections returned, nice and firm, with no problems sustaining.

If you’re having ED problems and have been taking a small amount of arginine for a while, try stopping, it worked for me.
I don’t know if I just had too much or what, but it helped.

I must be very sensitive to it because I can see and feel the difference the same day I begin taking it. I take a rounded 1/4 tsp twice a day (500- 600 mg). I mix the L-Arg powder with a cherry powder drink mix which helps the taste which is pretty foul without the cherry powder. I buy a pound for around $25.

I notice a general plumpness while flacid. I get an erection from just thinking about sex. Larger semen volume. Side effects for me are slight nervousness shortness of breath.

I took 1gm -2gm daily for six months and now I have change to the arginine but source from the nuts directly instead of tabs .

Now I take daily 10 pcs of Almond + 10 pcs of Cashew + 10 pcs of Pistachew + 20 Peanuts +

40 seed of Pumpkin + 40 seed of Sunflower + 40 seed of Watermelon and few seeds of

Black seed = lot of Arginine and vitamin and mineral in same cost which I use to buy the tablet .

Without getting any side effect that’s the good thing in above nuts mixture .

This is all incredibly fascinating…I’m already on my way to my local health food store!

What I’m really curious about is what causes arginine to do the things it does to one’s body? What actually happens? Does anybody know?


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