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Arginine volumized Ejac TASTE

Arginine volumized Ejac TASTE

I have a serious suspicion that if you really volumize your semen with a lot of arginine supplementation, it will start to taste like arginine.

This sounds weird, but I don’t konw if it’s true / partly true or not.

Anyone had any experience with their partners comments about the ejac taste when you used arginine?


My girl tell me there is alot more then usual. It tastes the same.

Drink pineapple juice

I used to take 2 500mg pills in the morning with all my other vitamins and fish oil and never noticed an increase in volume.. I took it for about a month at least.

Was that bad timing, are you supposed to take it just before sex or something?

Also what is the required dosage?

I think at least 500mg 3x daily. Some people take 1000mg 3x and others take 1500mg 3x daily.

And some take over 10,000 mg daily. It increases my the volume of my ejaculate when I take over 3000 mg daily for about two weeks. As an older guy this translates to more spurts and lots of pleasant snorting at orgasm that I usually do not have/get when I am off l-arginine. I saw in a medical journal that cardiologists are now recommending l-arginine supplementation for cardiac health for the baby boomer generation.

What about the timing? For volume, are you meant to take it just before sex? Like an hour or so before?

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