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Arginine and flaccid?No-xplode?


Arginine and flaccid?No-xplode?

I read somewhere on thunders about arginine keeping you dick pumped when flaccid but iv been searching and cant find it? I’m trying to find out if it does because id like a better flaccid hang, he has a gift for turtling! I Have some BSN-no xplode but never use it. I do however use creatine and if i took no xplode i think it would be too much creatine and id rather stay with my reflex for my creatine, had good results. So is there a good brand of arginine only available? Or would anyone recommend having another pop at no xplode?

This is what I use:

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate Powder — 1.1lb (500 g)…lutarate-Powder

$25.00 for 500g. The dosage is 6g per day. You can mix it with juice or water or whatever.

AAKG is the active ingredient in all those NO products like BSN Nitrix and NO-Explode. I get excellent pumps with it in the gym. Also helps with erections. It may increase your load size too.

Thunder’s member Kingpole recommended AAKG to me.

I always think about buying L-Arganine but I am afraid people will know what it’s for, who knows an excuse if someone asks?

What are the other benifits?

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Say for working out.come on dude lol.

Sta-kool I havent really noticed a better hang with that product? I might need to take more. So you 2 servings or 6 grams at once?

Every person that body builds uses it after a cycle of creatine, or before steroids, or simply as is to get pumped in the gym. So start working out and taking it. From what I hear though you are going to need someone to blow a load on more then once a day.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

cheers guys, would you recommend after a cycle of creatine to then cycle this? say 4 weeks on creatine then 4 weeks on aakg?

From what the guys I know say, you need to start working out at least a month before taking creatine, then after 4 weeks of creatine you can switch to aakg, but after 4 weeks on aakg you really should take a week or more off any of them, then cycle back in.

Again this is from what I have heard, not from experience.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Yeah i have took creatine on and off over the last year or so bodybuilding, but have only started cycling it properly, maybe 4 weeks creatine, 4 weeks aakg, 4 weeks off then restart? Ill look into it on muscle talk.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
Sta-kool I havent really noticed a better hang with that product? I might need to take more. So you 2 servings or 6 grams at once?

Iron — I really don’t know if it has helped my flaccid hang or not. I mostly take it for the workout/health benefit and stronger erections.

Typically I will take 3g first thing in the morning and 3g an hour before workout and then maybe another 3g later in the day.

I sort of base that on the BSN Nitrix dosage (3g AAKG x 3 times a day).

Sometimes I will take 12g.


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Originally Posted by caboose2409
I am afraid <SNIP>What are the other benifits?

There are many health benefits:

—Precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO)
—Stimulation of the release of growth hormone.
—Improves immune function
—Reduces healing time of injuries (particularly bone)
—Quickens repair time of damaged tissue
—Reduces risk of heart disease
—Increases muscle mass
—Reduces adipose tissue body fat
—Helps improve insulin sensitivity
—Helps decrease blood pressure
—Alleviates male infertility, improving sperm production and motility
—Increases circulation throughout the body, including the sex organs

Gotcha Sta-kool, I will maybe have to take more.

do you guys cycle it?

I think it probably does need to be cycled — for me it seems to lose effectiveness if I don’t. BSN nitrix instructions says:

“After 12 weeks of use, discontinue for at least 4 weeks.”

(you can see label and ingredients list here: )

The AAKG powder I take says 60 days. So I do two months on, I month off

Cheers sta-kool, that’s helped allot. Ill order some aakg now.

I personally love NO Explode. It’s supposed to increase vascularity so it would be my estimated guess that there would be some increased erection quality whether it’s noticeable or not.

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