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Arginine and flaccid?No-xplode?


Originally Posted by kimc
I read somewhere on thunders about arginine keeping you dick pumped when flaccid but iv been searching and can’t find it? I’m trying to find out if it does because id like a better flaccid hang, he has a gift for turtling! I Have some BSN-no xplode but never use it. I do however use creatine and if I took no xplode I think it would be too much creatine and id rather stay with my reflex for my creatine, had good results. So is there a good brand of arginine only available? Or would anyone recommend having another pop at no xplode?

Hey man I have been lifting for a couple of years now so I read up on the sport pretty frequently. Not to long ago I came across and article about the affects of Nitrous oxide products like NO explode. It can actually have a negative effect on your penis health. Your body has a limited supply of Nitrous oxide to use and once it’s gone it needs time to replenish. Nitrous oxide is, if I remember correctly, what helps with vascular health (maybe it’s called something different? I just call it the pump) anyways pretty sure that when using NOexplode it uses up nitrous oxide, that’s why you get the pump feeling in your muscles and the increased vascularity. So maybe it should be a no go with the NOexplode and just stick with your creatine.

I cycle Animal Pump, 30 days on, 15 days off. It i a bargain too at roughly a $1 a day.

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You can be on creatine every day until you die. No need to cycle. No scientific proof of any real side effects. Probably as safe as a teaspoon of sugar every day for life.

I have been reading threads about the use of L-Arginine and now today I see talk about “Arginine” is one better than the other? Any opinions?

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Arginine is just shorthand for L-Arginine.

AAKG however is different and considered to be more effective by many here. It stands for Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate.


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