Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

I purchased 500g of Higher Power Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) powder from I’ve been researching the use of this supplement at thunder’s for the past week. I decided to go with the AAKG instead of regular L-arginine powder due to certain members promoting it as a more effective and less-upset-stomach alternative.

Of course, now I’ve become skeptical as to whether this was the way to go. I realize now that I read a lot about l-arginine but have found very little here discussing AAKG. I do some googling and find this:

It definitely only provides a one-sided opinion, but that’s good to balance all the one-sided opinions here about AAKG. I never read anything bad about it. In my readings recently, I only now realize that AAKG is a precursor to l-arginine and not entirely similar. Also, a 3 gram dose is 2tsp instead of 1 tsp for l-arginine. For anyone with a scale handy, does that sound about right?

I just want to ask people about their experiences with this supplement. If AAKG is better than l-arginine, why aren’t more people taking it? More importantly, have I wasted money and should have gone with L-Arg?

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