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Are there any supplements to Increase Libido without increasing Testosterone


R-Dopa, I have used Ginkgo in the past. Tried different brands.Tried different dosages. I personally believe the supplement is garbage for erection enhancement. You may be correct about the open study. A side note: I do have a friend that is diabetic and pushing 50.He has told me that he thinks the Ginkgo does help him achieve and maintain erection. But, he also sometimes uses Viagra.

Originally Posted by Yataghan50
How do you cycle your supps?

Pretty randomly, generally. I usually wait until I’m not feeling the effects of the ginseng anymore to stop for a week, the Maca seems to actually increase effectiveness with longer use (peaking at 8-12 weeks). Trib doesn’t seem to need cycling, not sure yet.

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I have read the report. It is a trial done by the University of California.

Originally Posted by R Dopa
Have you got a link to this one? I only saw it shown to work in an open trial, with no blinding/control condition. The double/triple blind follow-ups showed no effect, it’s possible I missed a better study though. Also did yohimbine affect your libido at all?

I’m also on an SSRI and have used a combination of yohimbe and arginine with great results. If you do a Google Scholar search on yohimbe arginine erectile, you’ll find studies that show it’s an effective treatment for mild to moderate ED. I think I’ve seen one study that specifically indicated anti-depressant induced ED, but I’m not sure.

Note: there can be pretty intense side effects from yohimbe, and some find these bad enough to discontinue.

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I don’t think gingko does anything for libido/test, it’s more for circulation enhancement. I definitely feel the increase in blood flow but it’s in all my limbs. It does nothing to increase desire, IMO.


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