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Anyone still ordering and receiving from them? Haven’t heard from them lately after some email attempts?

I received a reply from them this week regarding an order request. I sent the original request about 3 weeks ago, and was wondering the same thing. I think I will go ahead with my order tomorrow. I really liked their service and product, and was beginning to worry.

Sent Aquachem an email requesting info on where to send money order (since no more PP).. No response as of yet.

Last email I got from Aquachem was 6 days ago, I pointed out that my shipment never arrived and was told they’d ship out another one.

Heard from aquachem:

No more order’s.

Don’t try ordering from him. He got ripped enough.

I understand how a good thing can get killed as this is a prime example.

If you wish to order, it’ll be on my homepage soon, “friends only”.

And you that screwed this up ” you know who you are” .congrats

This sucks, I ordered from him a couple weeks ago for the first time and haven’t gotten anything. Doesn’t look good now. I wonder if there’s anyway to find out who cashed a money order, then find out where they live :)

It’ll all good, or will be. I talked with him.just he’s tired of getting screwed over. I agree with him. Some when they see a good deal, have to screw it up for the rest of us.

Details will be on my homepage soon. "It will just for friends, word of mouth”

I don’t see how he could get screwed by getting a money order. So it’s all good as in you think he will send me my order?

I see you recommend against kits’n’more these days— what’s up with them?

How is airsealed?

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"Rope trades @$10 a yard. I wonder if they even know that?"- Capitalist

I’d like to know how people have gotten along with airsealed’s powders. I ordered a couple of packs of cialis/viagra pills and received them pretty quickly.

Kitsnmore is dead.don’t even try to order from there, well, go ahead and try, they still take money, but that’s all they do.

Airsealed.go for it.

Hugh, he said, he will get the recent orders out.

That’s a damn shame regarding aquachem, I’ve ordered from him in the past and his liquid C was the best I’d tried.

Yea it’s a shame regarding aquachem.! Guess he got fed up with bullsh*tters’. After his last email.I haven’t heard no more from him, so don’t email for info. Will let you know as thing go.

geez aquachem sounds just as bad as ADC. 4 weeks and still nothing but the runaround from ADC. Lost $300, so fukk ADC! I hope they get shut down

Going back to elitenet. They cost more, but atleast i always got my orders within 10 days. Far better service

From Aquachem:

Hey I think I almost have a plan for the “private” set up for the
Products. As far as I know everyone should have there package but since
People keep saying they have not got them can you please put up a post
That anyone that has not got there package to please email me with the
Subject “did not arrive” and what the order was for and the address to
Ship to. God knows I will get some that are not true but oh well. I am
Willing to send a few extra packs to clear it all up. Thanks!

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