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Mine also is sudsy but the quality is the same.

Thanks Webslave.

I’m far from being done with my supply (that I got from him last year), but is he being reliable again?

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Yes he is Wayne C., as far as I can tell from getting mine back in December. Haven’t emailed him in since then. Maybe email him first.

Good! I always liked the guy and his prices, since they’re so reasonable, has made it possible for me to use C to augment my PE workouts

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

I’ve ordered from him in the past and it went very smoothly. The quality was great and the price was and still is damn near unbeatable.

I just ordered from him recently however and things have not gone so smooth. I have yet to receive my order but he has been keeping in touch with me and keeping me updated in regards to the situation.
It’s been close to a month since I placed my order initially.

Hopefully it will arrive soon. I’ll speak on the quality of his current batch once it gets here.

Sorry about the problems Stormy. Is it because of where you live ?
I had a problem with Allday long ago and know it’s a bitch waiting for a delivery!

Ps: my last batch was a bit sudsy or something but the quality was the same as always.

I don’t believe it’s where I live. Just to keep both parties anonymous I would summarize it as being due to a cascade of unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, but nothing very serious.

Although I’m getting pretty antsy waiting for the delivery Aqua has been great in keeping in touch with me and letting me know whats going on. So that definitely helps alleviate the situation.

I figure as long as it gets here and the quality was the same as before, I’ll be happy. He has thrown in an extra bottle because of the trouble, so that was very honorable of him.

So I finally got my order in. It is being done in two parts because of a slight error in communication, but my first order is here.

Quality is still great; same as before as far as I can tell.

Hey Webslave! Remove from your list because their product is a waste of money. I had to get a refund and so did some other members.

Yea thanks King!

I have them in the buyer beware area. Haven’t heard much on them other than I noticed them being over-priced.

Wanted to ask the other members,,,does anyone use Tadalafil for blood pressure issue’s “probably the wrong area to ask” ? I take a dose pretty much daily and it seems to level out my blood pressure a bit along with other BP meds. With T I tend to use less of the other meds to keep my bp stablized.

Hey guys so I’m new to ED drugs other than 8 tried Viagra once. Tadalfil from Aquachem is for research only but I’m assuming it’s safe ? Also what are the dosage? Since it’s for research only.does Aquachem send instructions?

Start stat 1-2011 : BPEL 5.5" x 4.5" EG BPFSL 5.75"

Feb 15th 2011 : BPEL 5.5" BPFSL 6.0" EG 4.75

Goal 7x5

Underdawg,,,,no instructions etc. But maybe a member will pm you with info.

I’m done with the guy. I’ve ordered from him in the past and had issues, just reordered trying again with the same result. First off the guy has no business sense. You contact him and ask if hes still around, he replies, you think its all good. You send him email with Green Dot money, which he collects almost immediately, great, now one would think he would send the product out as fast, but no. I ask him if he got payment since confirmation of some sort is normal, so I initiate a conversation 2 days after funds cleared. From the email I’m told, money is collected product will be shipped next day. This was last week (3/11). I’ve shipped several packages this week and all were received by the recipients, some were shipped Wed. If he was out of product or running low he should have said something but I don’t think that that is the case.

Now I’m easy going but I’m also a businessman and this guy is the pits to deal with. If he had someone with the slightest business sense running this operation he could make a mint but it seems as though he is just lazy about the situation. Well lazy about shipping not about collecting money of the Green Dot card.

IMHO you are much better off paying the extra and getting it within 4 days from any of the other places. I even told him keep the $100, at this point I don’t even care to get his product. I expect someone to do what they tell me and there is no excuse for an 8 day span without product.

this is not he type of guy that should be supported in a private area forum.


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