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My second mailed out package still hasn’t got here, but I’m prepared to wait up to a month just to make sure it’s not a big delay. It’d really suck if two both got lost in the system.

Aquachem it the only site I endorse, he has been really fair with folks. Please consult him for past problems. He’s clearing them up. A new system being set up. Think it will be MO’s and registered mail so no problems.

I hope he gets something figured out. His liquid C is the best PE supp ive ever used, better than kit’s powders and liquids, and elitenets products(for me anyways) and you can’t beat the price! I’m crossing my fingers..

Yes, Hoffy, your on the friends list. You and the kids gotting to make it down to Daytona ?

Just to update, i sent aquachem an angry email when all this was going on and he said that he was retiring and apologized. Then he sent me and extra bottle of liquid C. So its too bad that hes retiring but thank god he didnt screw me over.

I’m starting to accept that my shipment might never get here. I’ll wait another week or two to see for sure with this second batch, but I’m starting to think that maybe there’s just a really low success rate in shipping powder internationally. I guess if a month passes and there’s still nothing on this second one, I’ll try and ask for a refund, but I feel bad for doing so given that he’s shipped out the product TWICE.

Update, just got this email today:

“Hey just wanted to let you know I have found out why you have not got your packages. The addy we use for the return address is not checked very much and the woman at the Post office was putting the wrong amount of postage on it, she was posting it as if it was being sent in the US, I will put both packs we sent out into one and ship it to you with the correct postage on it. Sorry for the problems!”

I’ve tried to get the address for placing an order 3 times now! the 2nd time the email was kicked back as undeliverable and the other just went into the void. Curious

Really, really heartbreaking news about Aquachem. I had considered ordering from him in the past, sent him an e-mail, got one back, but was skeptical about the quality of the product, so I hesitated.

It was only after he closed up shop that I came across all the recommendations for his product. Heartbreaking.

Aquachem is being set up with new more reliable email system etc. Will be working more on his site very soon. Arimidex is outta stock. The “research only” Liquid Tadalafil is being pre-packaged in 5 bottle “60ML / @ 25mg - 1ML” increments”. Converting from CSS back to HTML along with a few other changes.

Aquachem is alive and well, just changes being made.

It will basically be a word of mouth type ordering procedure “a bit like, friends only” and past customers.

I received my order last month after a couple weeks delay. He sent an extra bottle to make up for the delay. This is my second order from him and I think after making these adjustments in communication it will be the best place to get this product. Works great!

Yes, the ordering method is still up in the air somewhat. Perhaps incorporate a better ordering system more immediate method over sending a money order. GreenDot money pack method is probable.

Just add what the amount of your order will be, plus their charge “$5 I think” and email him the details of purchase, and your return address. Aquachem has the packages pre-packed and ready to go.

Yep I placed an order for the 5 bottles with the green dot package on wed of last week. I’ll let you guys know how it goes..

Thanks Hoffy,,,and yes, let us know how it works out for you.

I’ve had real trouble communicating with him. Had one successful email exchange, but then no response after that. I’ve tried both the old and new email addresses, but still no response. And, of course, nothing in the mail either. He has never done communication very well, even last year when I did receive the stuff.

At this point I don’t know if I have product coming or not. Very frustrating. Just wish he would respond to emails.


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