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Anyone Tried Tadalafil?

Anyone Tried Tadalafil?

I take one 20mg tablet and I get constant erections throughout the day for about 6 days, before it starts to wear off, I was wondering if anyone had any more information on it? Is it ok to be taking it over conitinously over a long perod of time for instance?

Constant erections - do you mean priapism? Did you see a doctor? It sounds like that the dosage is too high for you.

:search: and you will find!

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Check out this thread. Several pages into the thread, everyone starts talking about the liquid Cialis (tadalafil) a lot, which many here are buying from the great online supplier, KitsNmore. Yes, a lot of the men here use the stuff, including myself. For most, the effects last 2 to 3 days. So you’re very lucky if you get 6 days off of one 20 mg tablet. As far as I know, this stuff is quite safe, as long as you’re not experiencing any problematic side effects. As for the constant erections, that’s great, as long as no one erection lasts more than a couple of hours straight. When I take the liquid C, I also get erections throughout the day, inspired by seemingly nothing. But they come and go. It’s not like I have an erection all day long. That would not be good. That’s called priapism. Now go and use that thing!

Yeah, a search on “cialis” or “kitsnmore” will probably be more fruitfull than searching “Tadalafil”.


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I was exaggerating a bit when I said constant erections, I just meant I get erections thorughout the day, its funny because when I didn’t take it, I have problems doing jelqing exercises and now when I do take it I can’t do streching exercises without an erection.

Six days of effects… that’s great! Do you take the cialis from Kitsmore?

No, I’m in England so its for me. (liquid tedalafil)

10-10 $249.99 3000mg 0.083
10-20 $349.99 6000mg 0.058
10-30 $499.99 9000mg 0.056
10-50 $749.99 15000mg 0.049
1-200 $249.99 6000mg 0.041 (generic cialis)

10-20 $65.00 200mg 0.325
30-20 $120.00 600mg 0.200
60-20 $180.00 1200mg 0.150
90-20 $238.00 1800mg 0.132
180-20 $430.00 3600mg 0.119
250-20 $500.00 5000mg 0.100
500-20 $950.00 10000mg 0.095

How is the liquid tedalafil taken? Huge savings when you look at the price per milligram over what I thought was cheap pills.

Edit: the first set of numbers is either the vial count and milliliter count or the pill count and milligram count per pill, second value is the price for all the liquid or pills, third is the total number of milligrams and fourth is the cost per milligram.

Cialis last for 36 hours and effects you in as lil as 30 min

Originally Posted by bisquicksilk
Cialis last for 36 hours and effects you in as lil as 30 min

The “half life” of Cialis is 17 hours which if what I read is correct means the amount of Cialis in your system is halved every 17 hours. Just for example at 17 hours there is 50% of the original dose and at 36 hours there is about 25% of the original dose. I am assuming the same is true for Tadalafil.

The powders at kitsnmore are half the price of the liquids what makes the liquids so much more than the powders?

Hey smert, at one time Kitsnmore gave you an automatic 2 for 1 on the liquids. Don’t know if that is still the case or if you have factored it in.

I haven’t gotten anything from them in a while; I do remember checking the math and going with the liquid. What I can’t quite recall is what the logic was. I also seem to recal that, depending on volume, either one could be the better buy.

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Limited time offer at kitsnmore
2 for 1 offer on “non bulk” liquids

2-10 $34.99 600mg 0.058
2-20 $44.99 1200mg 0.038
2-30 $64.99 1800mg 0.036
2-50 $99.99 3000mg 0.033

5 grams of powder is .025 per milligram and 10 grams of powder is .020 per milligram but if I bought the 2for1 offer on a 20ml bottle it is less than the cheapest bulk liquid ty.

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It is a miracle PE drug. I never do girth work without it. It’s not bad for sex either.

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