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Anyone tried Sustanon


Hmm thanks for the heads up on hGH. Yeah that’s the thing my friend did have it in the genes and it really speeded it up. He did get damn big though lol.

Originally Posted by gali69
Anyone tried Sustanon?? It carries the following warning:

"Enlarging penis; increased frequency of erections”

Sounds like every mans dream than a warning.

Let me know if you have tried it and if it carries any real adverse effects.

Sounds like a marketing oriented warning. Kind of like the Cialis warning of a 4 hour erection.

start 1/20/08: 6.0 nbpel, 5.5 eg, 4 fl, 5 fg

now 6/30/12: 6.75 nbpel, 5.875 eg, 5.0 fl, 5.125 fg

Sustanon, as any other testosterone-based substance, can enlarge the penis only if taken before puberty.


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