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Anyone tried Oxytocin Spray?


Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler
Hey it’s got a 60 day money back guarantee! Although what they will most likely do is send you a card doused with Oxytocin that reads: “We already sent you the money last week”. :)

LOOOOL. I guess that’s why they’re so cocky condifent about the 60 day money back guarantee !

I ordered some OxyCalm (nasal) yesterday, but for completely different reasons. I suppose I could try spraying some as aftershave and report back.

After ordering I was searching google and came across the trust liquid. I can’t help thinking that whatever it did (if anything), it would do it a lot more to the wearer, which made all the advertising look a bit suspicious as they don’t mention that. I might read it again while sniffing some oxytocin and see if I change my mind.


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