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Anyone know how to get online prescriptions???

Anyone know how to get online prescriptions???

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to get online prescriptions? I’m wanting to get some Clomid. It’s a prescription fertility drug….and Porn Star Peter North uses it …his big “money shots” are a result of it. I’ts not an illegal substance like a steroid, just prescription…ideas?

Just a note...

Have you tried Lecithin? It’s “supposed” to increase load size. Granted, I don’t know if it does or not. But Clomid is a drug used for female infertility.

Choline (from Lecithin) is a precursor to Acetylcholine, which has been said to facilitate erections

Just throwing stuff out there.


I’m not sure about the particular drug you are looking for, but check here for it. The site is legit … I’ve ordered from there a few times.


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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

Lecithin is also supposed
to enhance balls volume or not?
Is made by soia?
What’s the way to have more big testicle?

Choline can be taken with arginine/ornitine?
I take that to facilitate erections…


…for MORE big testicles I would suggest to transplant elephant testicles - how many would you like? :chuckle:

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