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Any Revivogen for hairloss users here?


Why don`t you guys get the generic products it`s much cheaper.I have been using a generic form of minoxidil called uniplexil.Yields the same results as minoxidil.

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Is Revivogen still treating you well Chainz?

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Leatherface, my girls says she can’t believe the difference. And she should know as she sees a lot more of the top of my head than I do . My hair is very dark, almost black so I still wish for more hair because I can still see through it. But I have had several people comment in the past few months about what a nice head of hair I have. So in answer to your question, YES! I use Rogaine foam in the morning, and the Revivogen at night. I also wash about three days a week with Nizoral. On the rest of the days I use the Revivogen shampoo. I also condition about three times a week with the Revivogen conditioner. I leave it on for about twenty minutes, then shampoo it out as it is kind of oily the next day otherwise. The Rogaine foam has been a blessing as I had a terrible problem with scalp itch when I was using the liquid.

Yeah I miss Revivogen it really does work pretty well:)

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Congratulations!! Can you be sure that your success is due to Revivogen and not the Foam? When did you start using minoxidil? Was it before Revivogen?

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

I’m sure it’s a combination Leatherface. I was using rogaine and nizoral for about a year or so, with no noticeable improvement. When I started using revivogen in addition to the others is when I began to see improvement. I don’t have all my hair back by any stretch of the imagination. I do however have a crown full of new hair about an inch or so long, and I can feel other “stubbly ” type hair that is fine and light in color. As I said. My girl is the one who noticed the difference first. I have also had some positive remarks from males as well as females about what nice hair I have. So I will continue to use both. It can be a bit pricey but I do okay financially, and live alone so I have a little disposable income.

That’s great pal. Congrats.

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

I don’t have hair-loss but a couple of my friends do and I’ve always been curious about something. One of my (younger) friends just recently realized that more hair than usual was coming out of his head and that his hair was thinning. I told him to immediately go to doctor and start taking Propecia or something. He did and has been taking it with no apparent side effects.

I’m curious, do these drugs actually stop your hair from falling out as long as you are taking them, or do they just reduce the rate of hair-loss? Is my friend going to inevitably end up with a certain greater-than-now hair loss eventually, or may he have theoretically frozen it’s onset in time, basically until he stops taking the medication?

Propecia stops hair loss, and in several cases it regenerates follicles. The first effect from Propecia is only due stopping hair loss; the scalp looks like if there is more hair but is not new hair, just hair which is not falling.

So we can say Propecia stops hair loss and makes scalp look better due this effect. And as I repeat, in several cases it induces follicles regeneration.

Many users have been taking Propecia for more than 7-8 years with good results and no “noticeable” side effects.


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