Any positive results with MSM?

I’m wondering if anyone has had some positive PE results with using MSM - orally or topical. As some other posts have mentioned, MSM should make the soft tissues more elastic. Perhaps that would add in stretching.

Or to the contrary, maybe you want them more plastic, so they get tears and repairs.

I have no clue, just searching.


PS. I also found this on taking MSM from this link:

I have discovered three common mistakes people make when they take MSM, which is why some don’t feel it is effective. They don’t take enough of it, they don’t take it frequently enough or they don’t use it with Vitamin C.

It is recommended that a person take 500 mg. MSM for every 30 pounds of body weight. Using a 500 mg. capsule, a 150 pound person could take five capsules, or 2500 mg.

MSM is used up in approximately 12 hours. Therefore, you need to take it twice a day. So the 150 pound person would take five capsules twice a day.

Third, it is suggested that half as much Vitamin C as the amount of MSM be consumed to make the MSM utilizable. In the above example, that means 1250 mg. of Vitamin C.

Those figures are simply a starting place for general health and well being. In cases of severe sulfur deficiency a person may need to take 3-4 times the recommended starting dose mentioned above.